Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hottest Hot Sauces: You Can't Handle This Hot Sauce

You Can't Handle This Hot Sauce: The name says it all, and it's no exaggeration. I'm the first to admit that this ultra-hot hot sauce -- technically a food additive meant to be used in cooking and NOT directly on served food -- is more than I can handle, and those of you who know me know that I am not a wimp when it comes to hot sauce and fiery foods. This infernally hot hot sauce currently ranks 7th on our list of hottest hot sauces available at the Carolina Sauce Company online store. Spiked with enough capsaicin extract to bring the firepower up over 175,000 Scoville units but below 200,000 SUs, You Can't Handle This Hot Sauce is incendiary and should only be used in microdroplets (think tip of toothpick and you have the right idea), and ideally only in recipes. What I like about this ultra-hot hot sauce -- in addition to the brazen name, and the cool-looking black velvet "wrap" on the top -- is that the exotic ingredients actually taste good in the right recipe. Made with cloves, cinnamon, onion, garlic and molasses, I find that You Can't Handle This Hot Sauce is an easy way to ratchet up the heat in Southeast Asian recipes like Indian and Thai foods. So I guess that means I *can* handle this hot sauce after all, but only when used as intended, while cooking. I personally don't dare put it directly on food that's ready to eat, but I've seen people do it (and they've survived). If you are a serious chilehead or enjoy eating extremely fiery foods, or if you're a hot sauce collector, you should check out You Can't Handle This Hot Sauce. But if it proves to be more than you can handle, don't forget that you were warned!

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