Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Operation Sauce Drop Milestone

Operation Sauce Drop, our nonprofit program to send free gift boxes of BBQ Sauce and Hot Sauce to U.S. troops serving abroad, reached a new milestone today: We shipped out our 200th free gift box of sauce! Operation Sauce Drop is made possible through the donations of regular folks who have contributed anywhere from $5 to $300, and through product donations from generous manufacturers like Pepper Dog Salsa and Jim's Own BBQ Sauce, and through the contributions of the Carolina Sauce Company including labor, paying all incidental costs, and (as of July 4, 2008) matching 100% of all donations received.

Operation Sauce Drop lets members of the US Armed Forces with an APO or FPO address select a free gift box of sauce from 7 different gift boxes of barbecue sauce and hot sauce. Operation Sauce Drop covers the cost of the products and shipping so that our troops receive their choice of gift box for free. Folks who want to donate to Operation Sauce Drop can do so via PayPal, MasterCard, Visa or Discover Card, or by mailing a check, or even by shopping to support Operation Sauce Drop.

As of today, Operation Sauce Drop has shipped out 207 free gift boxes of sauce to our troops stationed abroad. The troops really appreciate the generosity and thoughtfulness of our donors, as is readily apparent from the many thank-you notes to donors that they've sent. Although donations have picked up lately, Operation Sauce Drop still has a waiting list of over 50 troops who have signed up to receive a free gift box of sauce (some waiting for several months). As soon as donations come in, Carolina Sauce Company matches them and purchases the sauces needed to send out the next batch of gift boxes to troops on the waiting list. If you'd like to help the waiting servicemen and women receive their free gift boxes of sauce, please donate to Operation Sauce Drop, or shopping to support Operation Sauce Drop. Many thanks!

Zestfully yours,

PS: If you wish to read more about Operation Sauce Drop, simply search this blog for "Operation Sauce Drop" to read earlier posts, including the reason why I started this program last year.

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