Monday, September 8, 2008

Susie's Hot Sauce: In Stock!

Newsflash: Susie's Original Hot Sauce is back in stock at the Carolina Sauce Company after temporary supply problems. Made in Antigua using traditional Caribbean ingredients (local hot peppers, mustard and island spices), Susie's Original Hot Sauce has been a favorite of many hot sauce lovers for years but has been notoriously hard to find outside of the Caribbean islands. We're pleased to be able to offer it online, along with the other 3 delicious flavors of Susie's Hot Sauces, including the sunny Susie's Calypso Sauce, which adds fresh herbs and spices, vegetables and papaya to the original recipe, plus the fruity and fiery Susie's Papaya Delight and Susie's Pineapple Pleasure, both packing plenty of tropical fruit for a burst of island flavor. If you enjoy Caribbean hot sauces, give Susie's a try. And make sure to order a couple of extra bottles, because demand for these sauces sometimes outstrips supply, especially when tropical storms come through the Caribbean.

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