Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sauces & Marinades for Venison

This week marks the opening of deer season in North Carolina, beginning with bow hunting. Although Greg isn't a bow hunter, he's getting ready for the black powder and rifle seasons by scouting the land at the new hunting club, and also asking me if Carolina Sauce has any new sauces or marinades that would be good on venison. In fact, we do have some great marinades and sauces that will tenderize game, complement its robust flavor and eliminate any unpleasant gaminess. Here are some of my favorite sauces and marinades for venison and other wild game:

*Ann's Marinade from Durn Good: This spicy overnight marinade was developed by an avid North Carolina hunter for use on venison, wild hog, quail and dove, as well as for domestic meats like pork and chicken. The soy sauce base penetrates and tenderizes tough meat, and the cumin, chili powder and other spices will infuse the meat with hearty, spicy southwestern-inspired flavor. When marinating extra lean meat like venison, I recommend adding a little bit of oil (olive or vegetable) with the marinade to keep the meat moist during grilling. Ann's Marinade is currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company.

*Big Daddy's Marinade: This apple cider vinegar and soy sauce based marinade has excellent tenderizing properties, and its tang and peppery spice blend makes it especially popular with folks who enjoy eastern NC style vinegar based barbecue sauce. Greg and I like to add this marinade to ground venison when we make burgers or meatloaf (there's no need to add any salt or other seasonings). When using it as a marinade for tenderloin or backstrap, we add a little oil to help keep the meat moist.

*Black Bear Boogie and Growlin' Grizzly from Bear-Man Sauces in upstate New York: These bold, full-bodied sauces are perfect for basting during the last 15 minutes of grilling, using as a finishing or dipping sauce, and also for marinating. Both are thick, rich tomato-based sauces featuring little bits of onion, garlic, peppers and other fresh ingredients that add a satisfying texture and palate-pleasing flavor. Black Bear Boogie is slightly sweet and is enhanced with a splash of beer for a tasty tang, while Growlin' Grizzly is bolder and spicier with an extra dose of chile peppers.

*Wahoo Willie's Jamaican Wing Sauce: Don't be limited by the name -- this exotic sauce is not just for chicken wings! Its rich, buttery consistency is perfect for marinating and cooking venison without drying it out, and its Jamaican jerk inspired spices deliver just enough fiery heat to satisfy your craving for peppery flavors without burning your tastebuds out. I especially like this sauce in the crockpot: just throw in some chunks of venison, and maybe also some onions, peppers, mushrooms or whatever veggies you'd like (all optional), and then pour in enough Wahoo Willie's Jamaican Wing Sauce to coat and cover (you can also marinate the venison & veggies overnight and then put in the crockpot). Let it cook on low all day, and enjoy over some rice for an effortless dinner. Yum!

*Greg's Happy Sauce: No discussion of venison marinades & sauces would be complete without mention of Greg's Happy Sauce, the multiple award-winning marinade, grilling and all-purpose cooking sauce from the Carolina Sauce Company. Developed at a hunt camp specifically for use on venison, Greg's Happy Sauce has soy sauce to tenderize tough cuts, olive oil to keep the meat moist, and a special blend of honey, ginger, peppers and spices to eliminate any gaminess and replace it with perfectly balanced gourmet flavor that's a little bit sweet, a little bit tangy and a little bit spicy. Even people who claim to hate the taste of venison will give rave reviews when served venison that's been marinated and grilled, broiled or roasted with Greg's Happy Sauce. Currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company, you'll also get recipes and a grilling tips flyer when you order a bottle.

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