Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Few More Boar & Castle Sauce Tales

If you've been wondering about my recent "silence," it's because I had to take a brief trip out of town and haven't had a chance to write. In fact, I'm currently writing from the Dallas airport, awaiting my flight home.... but luckily, I had collected a few more Boar & Castle Sauce stories before leaving work last Thursday, so I can now share those with you.

As you know if you've been following my blog, the old favorite steak sauce known as Boar & Castle Sauce was "retired" last year when the manufacturer closed down his business. Since then, however, there have been rumors that it might return someday, much to the hope of countless Boar & Castle Sauce fans, including some who used to frequent the namesake restaurant decades ago. The Carolina Sauce Company is keeping a list of people who want to be notified if Boar & Castle Sauce is available again, or if we can find a reasonably close substitute for it. In writing to request that they be added to our list, many folks have shared their Boar & Castle stories with us. A few more follow:

“We understand that you are no longer making Boar and Castle Sauce to our great dismay!!!!!! We have used it in cooking for many, many years ever since it was produced for sales in grocery stores--after eating many of the Castle burgers while in college (Wake Forest--driving to G'boro to get a castle burger fix). We later moved to Virginia and always stocked up on a supply of Boar and Castle when visiting family and doing business in Winston-Salem and Greensboro over the years after Harris Teeter sold out to Kroger in Virginia and Food Lion changed hands and no longer stocked it. We now have one bottle left in our stockpile and when we started looking to see if more could be purchased, it was to our great dismay to learn that Boar and Castle sauce was no longer being produced for retail sales.” --D. & J.O., Blacksburg VA

***Note: The Carolina Sauce Company did NOT stop making Boar & Castle Sauce -- we're merely an online retailer, and NOT the manufacturer. So please don't blame us! In fact, we want Boar & Castle Sauce back just as badly as you do!***

“I would most certainly love to be placed on the mailing list for any news concerning the Boar and Castle sauce. I was deeply saddened to hear that the sauce had been discontinued by the manufacturer (and not the Carolina Sauce Company). I had enjoyed the sauce for many years. We have truly lost something great in the Triad.” --S.B.

“My wife and I are high school sweethearts; me from Salisbury, she from Statesville. Married 45 years. We have had the sauce shipped to us in places like Hawaii and England. We are down to a half bottle in the fridge and one unopened full bottle. We went to Food Lion recently to replenish. None there. Figured it was no longer carried because of the European buyout. Went to Harris-Teeter. Not there either. Looked on line thinking we might need it shipped again. Imagine our surprise and devastation in finding the blog saying it was no longer made.” --T.H., Salvo, NC

“I am delighted to have found your site but so very disappointed that the Boar & Castle Sauce is unavailable at this time. Can you please give me an update on when the delightful sauce may once again be available? This has been our 'mainstay' for the past 15+ years and hope it will not be discontinued!! … When my husband and I were relocated to Iowa for the past ten years, I would always "stock up" on this product to take back to Iowa and share with our Midwestern friends. We are so very saddened to learn it is no longer available… Years ago when I was a student at 'Woman's College,' the Boar & Castle' was our favorite hangout --- also where I was introduced to the outstanding sauce!” --S.F., Stanley NC

“Please say it isn't so!!! I don't think I can live the rest of my life without this sauce!! Have been eating it since the 1960's. Please let me know if it becomes available again!” --J.G., Raleigh NC

“I would like to be informed if the Boar and Castle Sauce becomes available again. I grew up on this sauce and it was great. It’s a shame it was discontinued.” --T.F.

If you, too, would like to be notified if Boar & Castle Sauce is available again, please call us (919-286-1080) or email us at sales"AT"carolinasauce"DOT"com to get on our waiting list. Feel free to share your Boar & Castle story when you email us, or leave a comment here.

Hopefully I'll be back in Durham tonight, so that I can get back to work tomorrow on getting all our brand-new products up on our website. We have a BUNCH of exciting and delicious new sauces that recently arrived, so stay tuned for more info so you can check them out yourself!

Zestfully yours,

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