Wednesday, September 24, 2008

DEFCON Wing Sauces

DEFCON All-Purpose Wing Sauces are, in my opinion, the prefection of the original Buffalo style wing sauce. Like traditional Buffalo wing sauces, DEFCON sauces begin with a cayenne pepper and vinegar base for that familiar hot wings tang and spice. But while traditional Buffalo style wing sauces usually add butter or margarine to help the sauces cling to chicken wings, DEFCON Sauces use real cream instead, making them thicker, richer and more palate-pleasing, as well as better for coating your wings. These wing sauces have rightfully won numerous major international awards over the past few years, including several 1st Place Golden Chile trophies at the Fiery Foods Challenge and multiple Top 3 finishes across several categories at the Scovie Awards. Not only do they taste good, but the bottles and labels look good: each bottle is sealed in colored wax, and the label text is witty while the bottle shape and graphics create a sinister "laboratory" look.

DEFCON Wing Sauces are creatively named after the military Defense Condition scale, with 3 representing the lowest threat level and 1 representing the most serious level. DEFCON 3 Low Heat Wing Sauce is the original recipe, and is the product of 15 years of tweaking and perfecting a recipe that's sure to make a convert of folks who claim they don't like Buffalo wings. The spice level is mild, with just enough of a peppery bite to wake up your taste buds without burning your mouth. DEFCON 2 Medium Heat Wing Sauce takes the heat level up to a steady, lingering medium (or medium-hot, if you're more sensitive to heat). This is the sauce I'd recommend for people who like hot wings with a real kick. And for those foolhardy folks with battle-hardened palates, there's DEFCON 1 Extreme Heat Wing Sauce, with enough added pepper extract to guarantee an endorphin rush by your third wing. Yes, it is seriously (some would say dangerously) hot, and not for children or the infirm. I'm not kidding: DEFCON 1 made my brow sweat, my nose run, my heart race and my brain fly, and my incendiary wings actually tasted good, too!

You can use DEFCON sauces on breaded or unbreaded wings -- we actually sampled the sauces on grilled wings that had first been marinaded in each sauce and then basted as they grilled, and finally tossed in a bit more fresh sauce before serving. Cooking seemed to intensify the heat in the sauces (compared to tasting them out of the bottle), and the flavors melded quite nicely. We've also used DEFCON sauces with steak instead of regular steak sauce, and also for dipping fried foods instead of using ketchup. All 3 sauces deliver the same rich, tangy flavor, so just make sure you choose the heat level that suits your preferences. DEFCON sauces are all-natural, low carb (only 1 carb per serving), gluten-free and contain no MSG. And all 3 flavors are now available at the Carolina Sauce Company!

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