Saturday, February 28, 2009

Best-Selling Snacks for 2008

The following is the list of the top ten best-selling snacks for 2008 at the Carolina Sauce Company online store:

1. The top best-selling snack last year was Buderim Ginger Bears, a grown-up gummy candy from Australia that's made with real ginger

2. In second place for 2008 was another Australian gummy treat, Simply Wicked Fruit & Ginger Bears, made with real ginger and fruit flavors

3. One of my favorite snacks, the crunchy, sweet-salty and mildly spicy Hot Honeys: Honey-Roasted Chipotle Peanuts, finished third on our list of best-selling snacks

4. If you love the tang of North Carolina barbecue sauce, you'll flip over the fourth best-selling snack, Carolina BBQ Peanuts -- and they're currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company!

5. The insanely hot & spicy Dave's Insanity Popcorn took fifth place -- be careful with this snack, because it truly is fiery-hot!

6. If the sinus-clearing zing of wasabi is more your taste, then Wasabi Peanuts from The Peanut Roaster in Henderson, NC, is the snack for you

7. Ass Kickin' Jelly Beans look like ordinary jelly beans, but this deceptive candy is actually spiked with habanero heat for a surprise kick a few seconds in!

8. Another of my personal favorites, the aptly named smoked-habanero-seasoned Firehouse Nuts, finished eighth on our list of 2008's best-selling snacks

9. In ninth place was a popular North Carolina peanut snack, Maxwell's Extraordinary Jalapeno Peanuts, with their perky peppery bite and sweet-salty seasoning

10. Completing our list of last year's best-selling snacks was our Peanut Lover's Gift Set, featuring 4 cans of our most popular seasoned peanuts.

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