Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pluto's Paradise Seafood Salad

I adapted this recipe from an original jerked seafood salad recipe by Pluto, the creator of Pluto's Organic Jerk Sauces. Of course, if you prefer the more intense flavors of traditional Jamaican jerk seasonings, you can substitute either the Hot Jamaican Jerk or Mild Jamaican Jerk sauce from Pluto. But I personally find that the gentler aromatic herbs and spices in his Paradise Potion sasuce are the ideal match for more delicate seafood. You don't really need to measure anything for this recipe - just go by how many people you want to feed, and how saucy you like your salad. You can serve this salad warm, or chill the cooked seafood for several hours to serve cold.

Begin with your favorite raw seafood: cubed salmon or tuna, peeled shrimp, and scallops all work well. Heat a bit of olive oil in a pan and sautee the seafood until *almost* cooked. Add Pluto's Paradise Potion to taste, and continue sauteing until the seafood is cooked, being careful not to overcook. Place the warm seafood over a bed of your favorite salad greens (preferably organic) and serve, OR chill the cooked seafood for several hours to serve cold over a bed of greens (and you can add more Pluto's Paradise Potion from the bottle as a dressing).

I like to add some very thinly sliced cucumber rounds and chopped scallions to this salad just before serving, and you can also add some shredded carrots.

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