Monday, February 2, 2009

Top 10 Best-Selling Sauces for 2008

At long last, we've finished tabulating the results and compiling the list of the Top Ten Best Selling Sauces and Products at the Carolina Sauce Company for the entire year of 2008. The results are posted below:

1. If you're a fan of the old Boar & Castle Sauce, or if you've recently had the pleasure of enjoying a bottle of the new Castle Sauce, you're probably not surprised to learn that this old-fashioned classic steak sauce is our best-selling product for 2008, even though it came on the market as recently as October. Now THAT is what I call a top-selling product with a fanatical following!

2. In second place for 2008 is Busha Browne's Pukka Sauce, a all-purpose hot sauce from Jamaica that's fiery but flavorful, and as food-friendly as you can get. And no, it doesn't taste like Jamaican jerk seasoning, in case you've never tried it and weren't sure if you'd like it. Pukka Sauce is our all-time best-selling hot sauce, and was well on its way to being our top-selling product for 2008 until Castle Sauce arrived.

3. Buderim Ginger Bears are a grown-up gummy candy from Australia that's made with real ginger, and is our third best selling product at the Carolina Sauce Company. Be careful: This zippy snack is addictively good!

4. In fourth place for 2008 is Carolina Swamp Sauce, a unique gourmet marinade and barbecue sauce from North Carolina that's *not* a vinegar-based BBQ sauce but is darn good on meat, chicken, shrimp and seafood. It was featured this past summer in Better Homes & Gardens Magazine for its delicious flavor and versatility.

5. Capsicana Zing Sauce, the fifth place finisher, is another wildly popular North Carolina product, with a spicy (but not hot) and slightly sweet flavor that complements just about anything, and is a tasty addition to recipes (it also comes with a recipe sheet).

6. In sixth place is Matouk's Calypso Sauce, a West Indian hot sauce from the island nation of Trinidad & Tobago that's packed with scotch bonnet peppers in a thick, sweet and spicy mustard base

7. If you're looking for an authentic eastern NC style barbecue sauce, you can't go wrong with Wells Hog Heaven BBQ Sauce, made with vinegar and spices (no tomatoes!) in the little town of Burgaw, NC.

8. Matouk's West Indian Hot Sauce finished in 8th place for 2008, and adds tropical fruit to Matouk's famous scotch bonnet & mustard hot sauce base. This hot sauce is killer on chicken and seafood dishes!

9. Straight from Jamaica comes Walkerswood Traditional Jamaican Jerk Seasoning, and the name says it all. This intensely aromatic and spicy wet rub is what you need to make authentic jerked chicken, pork, goat, and other traditional Jamaican jerk fare.

10. In 10th place for 2008, and easily scoring a 10 on a 10-point heat scale where 1 is mildest and 10 is hottest, Matouk's Flambeau Sauce is SERIOUSLY hot thanks to a hefty dose of aged, pickled scotch bonnet peppers in a thick and savory mustard base. If you're a chile pepper addict who loves to play with fire but also appreciates good flavor, Matouk's Flambeau is the hot sauce for you!

Stay tuned as we will soon be posting the top ten best sellers for 2008 in each product category including hot sauce, barbecue sauce, etc.

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