Saturday, February 21, 2009

Raisin the Steaks Steak Sauce

Raisin the Steaks is a new gourmet steak sauce that you can bet the farm on (even in this economy!). Real raisins play a starring role, adding their natural sweetness and earthy flavor to a traditional steak sauce base of tomato and tamarinds. But don't worry, this steak sauce isn't overly sweet, thanks to the tart tamarinds and also to a touch of citrus. The end result is a well-balanced, robust and rich steak sauce that will enhance, not overshadow, the natural flavors in steaks, hamburgers, and other types of meat. And if you're looking for a steak sauce without anchovies (a common ingredient in worcestershire sauce, which is often used in commercial steak sauces), then Raisin the Steaks is the steak sauce for you.

Raisin the Steaks is wonderful with meatloaf and other ground beef dishes, and you can use it as a condiment on sandwiches and for dipping fries. It also makes a tasty marinade and wet rub for pork and beef, and although I haven't tried it on chicken yet I bet it would work with poultry, too. I absolutely love this sauce on venison burgers because of its hearty flavor that's not too tangy - I think it's the mellow raisins that help smooth out any gamey edges in venison, in contrast with certain store brand sauces that can bring out a harsh edge in game. Raisin the Steaks is currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company, so you have virtually nothing to lose by taking a chance on this great new steak sauce!

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