Sunday, February 12, 2012

Giardiniera & Sport Peppers Now Available!

Il Primo Giardiniera
By popular demand, the Carolina Sauces online store now has the world-famous Il Primo Hot Giardiniera and Il Primo Sport Peppers available for purchase!

Giardiniera is a traditional Italian condiment made of peppers and other garden vegetables that are chopped and marinated in oil and vinegar with Italian herbs and spices.  The result is a toothsome, mildly tangy and savory relish-like condiment that complements all sorts of sandwiches, whether cold or hot.

Il Primo's giardiniera was born almost 100 years ago in a Chicago deli and is generally regarded as the best giardiniera on the market.  If you've eaten Chicago Italian beef, sausage or meatball sandwiches and want to make them at home, this is the giardiniera you need.  It's also a delicious condiment for pizza, burgers, omelets and all sorts of salads.  Il Primo Hot Giardiniera adds just enough peppery spunk to spice up your food, but it won't destroy your taste buds or overpower the food's other flavors.

Il Primo Chicago Hot Dog Sport Peppers
Another signature Chicago eating experience is ordering a Chicago dog from a hot dog vendor or deli.  Chicago style hot dogs are gussied up with pickled Mississippi sport peppers, a variety of chile pepper that's small, long and thin with a gently spicy bite.  Il Primo Sport Peppers are the condiment you need to serve genuine Chicago style hot dogs at home.

It also adds a pleasantly tangy crunch when chopped and added to omelets, pasta dishes, pizza, green salads and veggie salads.  Or mince a few sport peppers to add to marinades, dressings and dips.  You can even snack on Il Primo Sport Peppers straight from the jar, or serve them as part of a pickle tray for a simple appetizer or party snack.

Both Il Primo Hot Giardiniera and Il Primo Chicago Hot Dog Sport Peppers are currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company.  You'll find them in our Hot & Fiery Snacks page and also on our Peppers, Pickles & Relish page.

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