Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blue's Habanero Wings

Why order out for Buffalo wings for watching the big game on Sunday when it's so easy (and cheaper) to make them at home!  This simple, customizable recipe comes from the creator of Blue's Habanero Reserve Hot Sauce, and it works just as well with their other two delicious sauces, the tangy Blue's Carolina Pepper Sauce (for milder wings) and the zesty Blue's Chipotle Mustard Pepper Sauce (for a spicy, smoky mustard flavor). 

The following is more a set of instructions rather than a formal recipe because you choose how much or how little hot sauce and butter to use, which also allows you to control the heat, calories and fat content.  Use these instructions for however many wings you want to make, and don't worry about whether you've mixed up enough sauce because you can quickly mix up some more in a separate bowl and add to the wings before serving.  Play around with the amounts and ratios in your kitchen to see what you (and your guests) like best, and let us know what you think by leaving a comment.  And if you have a favorite Buffalo wing recipe, feel free to share it in a comment, too!

Bone-in, jointed chicken wings
Blues Habanero Reserve Hot Sauce (or your favorite Blue's Sauce)
Lightly salted butter

For serving:  Raw celery sticks, raw carrot sticks, Ranch dressing and/or Blue Cheese dressing

Fry, bake or broil the chicken wings until fully cooked and crispy.  In a bowl large enough to hold the wings with enough room for tossing, stir or whisk together as much Blue's Habanero Hot Sauce as you'd like with a little melted butter (more hot sauce & less butter = spicier wings with less fat & calories; less hot sauce & more butter =  milder wings with more fat & calories).  Add the cooked wings and toss until all are thoroughly coated.  If you need more sauce to coat all the wings, just mix together more hot sauce & melted butter in a separate bowl, add to the wings in the big bowl and toss again.  Serve with a side of celery and carrots, and a bowl of Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing for dipping--and plenty of napkins plus a frosty beverage of your choice.

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PS:  Not ready to try your hand at making Buffalo wing sauce at home? Then try one or more of our Buffalo wing sauces from the famed Anchor Bar in Buffalo NY (birthplace of the original Buffalo chicken wings), available in Original, Hotter, Suicide and mild-sweet Honey BBQ; or the award-winning DEFCON wing sauces from New Jersey, available in 3 levels of heat (DEFCON 1 is the hottest, with plenty of capsaicin oil for incendiary heat).

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