Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Of Love and Chocolate

Divine 70% Dark Chocolate Hearts Close up outer  “I remembered.”

A smile rumpled his road-ragged face as he handed her the box, its white tissue wrapping paper miraculously immaculate despite the cross-country journey.

Resisting the carnal urge to rip open the box and gorge herself gluttonously, she exercised saintly restraint and unwrapped it with minimal damage.  Her fingers trembled in passionate anticipation as she uncovered the box to reveal its long-desired treasure.

The chocolates gleamed darkly like sable in the airport terminal’s stark light, some satiny smooth, others rippled with subtle undulations solidified during creation.  Still others displayed a confectionary masonry of black walnuts, pecans, macadamias and other nuts skillfully mortared in nougat.

See's chocolatesWith reverent tenderness she selected a dusky truffle and placed it on her tongue, allowing its melting warmth to spread languidly as its inner beauty emerged:  An ethereal raspberry mousse butterfly-kissed by Chambord.  She savored the transcendent moment with eyes shut, one hand clutching the box and the other resting in her lover’s hand.

Opening her eyes to gaze into his, she uttered a silent prayer of thanks for his safe return—and of gratitude that lust for chocolate is not among the mortal sins.

Wishing you a zesty Valentine's Day,
Carolina Sauce Company

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