Monday, February 20, 2012

New Spicy Snacks: Lizard Eyes and Ghost Pepper Nuts

Da Bomb Ghost Pepper NutsIn our continuing quest to find fiery and flavorful products to add to our offerings, we're pleased to bring you the following feisty new snacks for folks who like things HOT:

First, there's Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Nuts, created by the same people responsible for Da Bomb Hot Sauces, which are some of the hottest on the planet.  Consistent with their penchant for painful peppers, Da Bomb has harnessed the heat of the world's hottest chile pepper, the Naga (or Bhut) Jolokia, aka the "ghost pepper," and added it to crunchy peanuts for what may qualify as the hottest nuts on the market.  In addition to the dried ghost pepper powder, Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Nuts are also dusted with dried habanero pepper powder for an extra layer of heat, plus a little garlic, paprika and natural smoke for savory flavor.  Yes, these super-spicy peanuts are also surprisingly tasty, making them an excellent and addictive snacking choice for anyone with a super-high heat tolerance. For the rest of us mere mortals, enjoy Ghost Pepper Nuts with caution, and with a soothing beverage handy just in case things get too hot.

Habanero Stuffed OlivesA long time ago, we used to sell habanero olives pickled in vodka on the Carolina Sauces online store. Although those same olives are no longer available, we're thrilled to now offer habanero-stuffed olives as well as the slightly tamer jalapeno stuffed olives.  Crazy Jerry's calls these spicy snacks "Lizard Eyes," which makes them that much more fun to eat.  Both varieties feature large green olives with the hot peppers stuffed inside to create the "pupils" for these Lizard Eyes.  If you are a serious chilehead and enjoy the piercing heat and citrusy flavor of habanero peppers, you'll no doubt enjoy Crazy Jerry's Lizard Eyes Habanero Stuffed Olives.  And if you prefer the relatively gentler heat and vegetal flavor of jalapeno peppers, Crazy Jerry's Lizard Eyes Jalapeno Stuffed Olives will please your palate.

Jalapeno Stuffed OlivesEnjoy either of these spicy pepper-stuffed olives just as you would any other green olives: Sliced or chopped to add to salads, dips, recipes, pizza, nachos or other dishes; or whole as a snack, or zesty addition to a relish or pickle tray.  Add them to your martini or other cocktail for an eye-popping and tongue-tickling garnish!

Stay tuned to this blog and keep an eye on our New Products page, because we'll be adding more new items on a regular basis.

Zestfully yours,

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PPS: Halloween might still be months away, but don't you agree that Ghost Pepper Nuts and Lizard Eyes sound like the perfect Halloween snacks?

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