Monday, April 2, 2012

Dave's 2012 Private Reserve Insanity Sauce is Here!

Dave's Insanity Sauce Private Reserve
Buy Dave's Insanity Private Reserve Hot
The much anticipated--and insanely hot--2012 edition of Dave's Private Reserve Insanity Sauce has arrived! Guaranteed to be at least three times hotter than the original Dave's Insanity Sauce, each year Dave issues a specially blended, limited edition Private Reserve hot sauce that's individually hand-signed and numbered, and packed in an eye-catching wooden coffin wrapped in yellow "caution" tape. Highly prized and sought by hot sauce collectors and extreme hot sauce lovers, each year's edition sells out quickly... and appreciates in value, too, as collectors have purportedly paid hundreds and even over a thousand dollars for older editions.

Dave's 2012 Private Reserve will please fans of the infamous ghost pepper (aka "Naga Jolokia" or "bhut jolokia"), commonly believed to be the hottest chile pepper on the planet. The ghost pepper once again plays a prominent role in this year's edition of this ultra-hot hot sauce. Also featured are tropical habanero peppers and flavorful Tabasco peppers, with a splash of passionfruit and lime juices plus a dash of onion & garlic--assuming you can still taste any flavors after subjecting your tongue to the intense peppery firepower of this serious sauce.

We're currently offering Dave's 2012 Private Reserve for the same special sale price as last-year's 2011 edition, BUT we don't know how long we'll be able to keep that price. If you collect hot sauces, need a gift for a hot sauce collector, or have a penchant for pain, make sure to order Dave's Private Reserve Insanity Sauce 2012 edition while we still have it, because once it's gone, IT'S GONE (unless you're willing to pay big bucks to someone who's willing to part with theirs).

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