Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Jalapeno Chips & Bone Suckin' Beef Jerky!

We're pleased to announce the arrival of two new zesty snacks at the Carolina Sauces online store! The first is the latest new flavor of jalapeno chips: Deano's Sea Salt Jalapeno Chips. Like the other two flavors of Deano's popular jalapeno chips (Cheddar and Ranch), the Sea Salt Jalapeno Chips are made from wafer-thin slices of fresh, southwestern jalapenos that are specially fried to give them a crisp, crunchy texture, just like potato chips--except that Deano's Jalapeno Chips are 100% potato-free AND gluten-free! They're also much lower in carbs than other starchy snack chips, making them a favorite of folks on low-carb diets or otherwise watching their carbohydrate intake.

Deano's Sea Salt Jalapeno Chips are lightly dusted with real sea salt, which allows the pure peppery flavor of the jalapenos to come through with just the right touch of palate-pleasing saltiness. By the same token, however, the lack of heat-taming seasonings like cheese or buttermilk ranch means that the Sea Salt Jalapeno Chips are the hottest of the three flavors. This makes them an ideal choice for chileheads and anyone who likes hot and spicy snacks. You can also enjoy them as a salad topping or even crumbled as a spicy alternative to bread crumbs on casseroles and vegetable dishes.

If you'd rather munch on a less-spicy, meatier snack, we now offer Bone Suckin' Beef Jerky, featuring USDA beef seasoned with the ever-popular tangy flavor of North Carolina's favorite barbecue sauce, Bone Suckin' Sauce.  This award-winning beef jerky is handmade in Oregon by the Cow Creek Band of Native Americans, and is hickory-smoked according to traditional methods for a deep, mouthwatering flavor that's sure to please beef jerky aficionados and anyone looking for a protein-rich, all-natural snack. And like all other Bone Suckin' products, Bone Suckin' Beef Jerky is gluten-free. It also has no added nitrites, MSG, or preservatives, making it a wholesome snacking choice for the entire family.

You can order either or both of these zesty new snacks on our Hot & Fiery Snacks page, as well as from our Gluten-Free Products page, where we list other excellent gluten-free snacks, sauces and condiments. You'll also find Bone Suckin' Beef Jerky and Deano's Sea Salt Jalapeno Chips on our regularly-updated New Products page, together with other recent arrivals at the warehouse.

Please keep sending in your comments on our Facebook page and on this blog to let us know what other products you'd like to see at the Carolina Sauce Company!

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