Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Now Available: Smoker Chips, Grills, Smokers & More!

Smoked turkeyHaving the right tools for the job can make all the difference between success and failure.

The same is true with barbecue. Having the right BBQ grill or smoker and using the proper BBQ tools and equipment/accessories will help even the novice outdoor cook produce impressively delicious results, and allow the seasoned pitmaster to create a magnificent mouthwatering feast.

BBQ smoked ribs
As the days get warmer & longer and your thoughts drift back to the wonderful aromas and flavors of barbecued chicken, char-grilled steaks, smoked ribs, succulent grilled seafood and other grilled or smoked fare, let the Carolina Sauce Company be your source for the BBQ tools & accessories you need, and for that special barbecue grill or smoker of your dreams.  Here's just a sampling of what we offer through our partners:

Gourmet Grill & Smoker (charcoal)1.  BBQ Grills and Smokers:  Whether your preference is charcoal or gas, vertical or horizontal or barrel, rectangular or round, basic or fully-loaded with all the "bells & whistles," our partner Shopping Warehouse has an extensive selection of high-quality barbecue grills and smokers to fit any budget and preference. Brands include Aussie Grills, Bayou Classic, Camp Chef, Brinkmann, LANDMANN USA, Bradley Technologies smokers, and other superior manufacturers.  Like us, Shopping Warehouse is a small, online business committed to providing excellent customer service and complete satisfaction. Based in Louisiana and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, their rave reviews from happy customers are a testament to their excellent service and fine product offerings.

Onward Grill Pro 00230 Apple Wood Chips2. Wood Chips: From popular favorites like hickory and mesquite to hard-to-find cherry and apple wood chips, and highly-prized Pacific alder wood chips, we have the natural wood chips you need for championship-quality smoked meats, poultry, seafood and cheese. Wood chips and lump charcoal are available on our Wood Chips, Lump Charcoal & Grilling Planks page, and brands include Frontier, Smokehouse, Onward Grill Pro, and others. We even offer Jack Daniels 1749 Wood Smoking Chips made from real Jack Daniel's whiskey-soaked oak barrels to give your food a rich, smooth smokiness with caramel-vanilla flavor notes.

Onward Grill Pro 00280 Cedar Grilling Planks3.  Grilling Planks: In the Pacific Northwest, salmon is traditionally grilled on cedar planks for a lightly smoked, subtly sweet-spicy flavor and incomparable juiciness. Plank grilling helps preserve moisture and flavor in fish and seafood as well as delicate meat and poultry cuts like boneless skinless chicken breasts, which can easily dry out on a BBQ grill. In addition to cedar planks, we also carry alder wood, hickory and maple planks, in single & multi-plank packs as well as variety packs with planks of two or more different types of wood. Grilling planks are available in different sizes, too. You can see some of the options on our Smoker Wood Chips, Grilling Planks & Lump Charcoal page - just click on any of the plank links to visit that partner site and browse their complete selection of wood grilling planks.

4.  Grill Grates: These award-winning, revolutionary GrillGrates are made from anodized panels that are twice as hard as stainless steel to provide superior cooking via conduction, convection & infrared. The patent-pending raised cooking surface "smooths out" hot spots, prevents grease flare-ups, seals in flavorful juices and gives food those attractive professional-quality sear-marks. GrillGrates never rust and are easy to clean, making grilling a pleasure you can enjoy every day. Grill Grates are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit virtually any grill style, whether charcoal or gas. Gift sets, gift bags and grilling accessories are also available from our partner GrillGrate. For the guy who loves to barbeque, GrillGrates are the ideal Father's Day gift, birthday or anniversary gift.

Maverick 5 Tool BBQ Accessory Kit5. BBQ Tools:  Grill tongs & long-stemmed forks, meat thermometers, heat-resistant grilling mitts, multi-pocket grilling aprons, stainless steel grill spatulas, grill brushes, kabob skewers, motorized fork baskets, etc., our partner Picnic World has them all, in a wide range of styles and a variety of brands to suit your taste and fit your budget. You can even get a game-day travel gas grill set, complete with a portable mini-grill and perfect for tailgating, picnics, beach outings and camping trips. Visit our BBQ Accessories page for a sampling of what's available from this and other partners, all at great prices and with the convenience of shopping at home or from your desk.

This barbecue & grilling season, don't disappoint your family, friends or yourself with burnt burgers, dried-out chicken, charred veggies or bland ribs that lack that unmistakable wood-smoked flavor and tenderness. Make sure you have the right grill or smoker for the job at hand, as well as the wood chips, charcoal, planks, grates, BBQ accessories and other necessary tools to do it right--and to earn you the title of King (or Queen) of the Grill--by shopping at the Carolina Sauce Company for all your BBQ, grilling and smoker needs.

Zestfully yours,

PS: Don't forget to visit the Carolina Sauces online store for all of the BBQ sauces, seasonings, condiments and other zesty edibles.

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