Sunday, February 10, 2013

Best-Selling Marinades, Dressings & Grilling Sauces for 2012

All but one of our best-selling marinades, dressings & grilling sauces for 2012 were new products added last year to the Carolina Sauces online store. It's a diverse list of sauces offering a wide range of flavors from bright and citrusy to dark and earthy, mildly spiced to hot and fiery, elegantly complex to down-home delicious. Here's the top five: 

1. Lime Time Grilling Sauce: Bursting with bright citrus flavor and feisty jalapeno heat, this tangy-sweet marinade is a blue-ribbon winner that works wonders with seafood, chicken or meat. Simply marinade in the refrigerator for 1 hour, then grill, broil, bake, roast or cook on the stove for delightful, sunny flavor with just the right amount of zip. You can also enjoy this marinade as a salad dressing, basting sauce or dip (it's great with shrimp).

2. Busha Browne's Spicy Hot Pepper Sherry: Our second-best selling sauce is one of the original products at the Carolina Sauce Company. This old-fashioned condiment adds depth of flavor and spiciness to soups, stews, casseroles, stir-fry dishes and any savory recipe calling for sherry. It's a necessary ingredient in making Bull Shots, and also works well in Bloody Marys and similar drinks.

3. Maker's Mark Gourmet Marinade: Hailing from Kentucky and enhanced with a splash of smooth Maker's Mark Bourbon, this food-friendly marinade and barbecue sauce beautifully balances tomato, vinegar and sugar with savory spices and just a touch of pepper for big flavor and mild heat. Excellent with ribs, chicken, brisket, burgers and other grilled fare.

4. Jim Beam Kentucky Marinade:  This versatile, savory marinade is reminiscent of a fine steak sauce with caramel notes from the bourbon and subtly Asian richness from sesame and soy. It's not spicy but instead is all about the complex layers of deep, dark, mellow flavors. It will tenderize while infusing your beef, pork, venison, lamb or chicken with remarkable flavor.

5. Spice Exchange Bourbon Rosemary Chipotle Marinade: For the gourmand, foodie, and anyone else who enjoys eating well, this earthy, spicy and robust marinade will satisfy your need for flavorful food. On the hot side of medium with tangy, subtly sweet flavor, it's a natural for hearty red meats on the grill but also wonderful for roasting, baking or grilling chicken.  It's also excellent as a hot & spicy table sauce.

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