Monday, February 18, 2013

Five Fish-Friendly Sauces & Seasonings to Try

The Carolina Sauce Company is well-known for its extensive selection of barbecue sauces and seasonings, but did you know we also offer a variety of sauces and seasonings for fish and seafood?

Whether you're observing Fish Fridays for Lent or for your health, or simply enjoy eating fish or seafood on a regular basis, now is the time to broaden your flavor horizons with one or more of the following fish- (and seafood-) friendly sauces from the Carolina Sauces online store:

1.  Tobago Keys Coral Ridge Seafood Dipping Sauce: This rich and creamy, mildly spicy mayo-based sauce is a delightful alternative to everyday tartar sauce for dipping shrimp or fish sticks and pouring over all kinds of seafood, whether fried, baked, broiled or grilled. A dab of mustard and savory ingredients like garlic, herbs and spices provide depth of flavor, while just a tough of cayenne and habanero peppers give a pleasant peppery "pop" that brings it all together. Try it on fish sandwiches, in tuna salad (and even in chicken, potato, pasta and other types of creamy prepared salads) and in place of ordinary mayonnaise on hamburgers and subs.

2.  Crazy Jerry's Backfire X-Hot Oyster Sauce: Similar to an all-purpose hot sauce but without the harsh vinegar "bite," this hot and spicy pepper sauce gets its tang from lemon juice instead of vinegar. That, along with seafood-friendly herbs and spices, make this playfully piquant sauce the ideal splash-on for oysters (steamed, fried or ray), clams, scallops and fish prepared any way, and even hush puppies, French fries and onion rings. Pour it into a microwave-safe bowl, heat it gently and mix in some melted butter for a sensational dipping sauce for crab legs and boiled shrimp!

3.  Chile Pepper Republic Catch of the Day Seafood Seasoning:  This inspired blend of gourmet herbs and spices will let you achieve fine restaurant dining results at home. There's just enough pepper to tickle your tastebuds, and the subtle tropical flavor notes beautifully complement everything from rich salmon, tuna and mackerel to the most delicate scallops and mild-mannered flounder. If you're looking for an all-purpose, versatile seafood seasoning blend that the whole family can enjoy, Catch of the Day is for you. There's no wrong way to use it:  Try it for grilling, broiling, sauteing, frying, baking, steaming and even at the table.

4.  Rage'n Cajun Blackening Seasoning: Bring out your well-seasoned cast iron skillet, get it piping-hot, open up the windows and toss on some fish fillets coated with this Cajun rub... and when the smoke clears, get ready to indulge in that Louisiana specialty, blackened fish!  This zesty blend of garlic, red peppers, salt, sugar and other spices is exactly what you need to cook up some genuine Cajun style seafood, whether you use it as a blackening or mix a generous amount into your breading for fried fish, shrimp or oysters. You can also blend it into butter for broiled or sauteed seafood, or sprinkle it on during grilling. Some folks even like to season their fries, popcorn and baked potatoes for savory, peppery flavor that can't be beat.

5.  Peppers Original Blue Crab Salsa: Made with real Maryland blue crabmeat mixed with chunky tomatoes, hot and bell peppers, onions and other traditional ingredients, this spicy salsa is a unique treat that will thrill anyone who loves crab and craves a big, bold fresh-tasting salsa. In addition to being wonderful for nachos and for dipping chips, raw veggies and pita wedges, it's also wonderful for spooning over fish tacos, seafood enchiladas, grilled or baked fish, and even tossed with cooked shrimp to serve over linguini.

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PS:  You can also buy fish and seafood online, including Maryland crab, plump US-caught Gulf shrimp, Louisiana crawfish, fresh Chesapeake Bay flounder and more!

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