Monday, February 25, 2013

We have Big Bob Gibson's BBQ Sauces & Seasoning Again!

At long last, we're once again able to bring you the legendary Big Bob Gibson White Bar-B-Q Sauce, the original white barbecue sauce from Alabama!

Little-known outside of Alabama until recent years, creamy-tangy white BBQ sauce has been taking the country by storm... and we're thrilled to offer it for sale online on our Southern Foods page at the Carolina Sauce Company website.

Made with the same ingredients as mayonnaise but not as thick, and with a pleasantly savory, tangy flavor that finishes with a peppery kick, Big Bob Gibson's White BBQ Sauce is excellent for basting chicken, turkey, Cornish hens, goose, duck, quail and other game birds, whether on the grill or in the oven. It's also a natural for grilled, broiled or baked fish and seafood, and it's surprisingly tasty with pork and venison, too. If you want to ratchet up the flavor in mayo-based salads like tuna, chicken, potato and the like, replace some of the mayonnaise in your recipe with a splash or two of white barbeque sauce. You can even use this unique, award-winning BBQ sauce as a salad dressing on greens, or a sauce for steamed, broiled or grilled vegetables.

Also available again on our website is Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Seasoning & Dry Rub, a classic sweet-savory blend of brown sugar, salt and spices that delivers mouthwatering flavor to ribs (beef or pork), chops, roasts, butts, chicken and more. This is the barbecue rub that helped Big Bob Gibson win four consecutive World Championships at the Memphis In May cook-off in the Pork Shoulder division. In addition to seasoning meats and poultry prior to smoking, grilling, baking or roasting, this dry rub is also delightfully delicious when sprinkled on fries (potato or sweet potato), over popcorn, or at the breakfast table with hash browns or skillet potatoes.

In addition to bringing back these old favorites, we now carry three other crowd-pleasing, award-winning barbecue sauces from Big Bob Gibson which are new to the Carolina Sauce Company:

1.  Big Bob Gibson Championship Red Bar-B-Q Sauce:  This is THE legendary BBQ sauce that first brought Big Bob Gibson to the attention of the barbecue-loving world. Made from a recipe perfected over seventy years, this sweet and tangy tomato-based barbecue sauce is ideal for slathering on ribs to produce succulent, delectably delicious meat with the kind of toothsome caramelized crust that will hook you from the first bite and keep you coming back for more. But don't limit this sauce to ribs and other hunks of red meat: Mop your chicken with it, baste your kabobs or grilled fish, drizzle it over hamburgers as they grill, mix it into ground beef for meatloaf or burgers, and stir it into baked beans. In fact, some people use it every time in place of ketchup for a more grown-up, robust flavor.

2. Big Bob Gibson Habanero Red BBQ Sauce:  This is the hot & spicy version of the Championship Red sauce, with a generous amount of habanero peppers tossed in to heat things up. Unlike other fiery barbecue sauces, however, this one is as much about the award-winning flavor as it is about the firepower. In other words, the big, bold flavor of the original recipe sauce will still shine through, as will the natural flavor of the food, with the hot peppers simply adding their own distinctive flavor layer and a solid, complementary heat to please the palates of fiery-foods fans.  If you enjoy hot and spicy foods, you'll want to have this spicy barbecue sauce handy at the grill and in the kitchen for all your hearty meats and poultry.

3. Big Bob Gibson Backyard Mustard BBQ Sauce: Inspired by the tangy mustard barbecue sauces popular in the Carolinas, this sweet & sassy mustard-based barbecue sauce from Big Bob Gibson is perfect for pairing with pork of all sorts: Slow-smoked shoulder that's pulled and sauced for Carolina style barbecue, chops and loins that you baste or mop as they grill, and of course with pork ribs where the sauce will form a luscious, lip-smackin'-good glaze. The flavor of this food-friendly mustard barbeque sauce also complements grilled, roasted and baked chicken, and it will perk up your meatloaf and burgers, too. Heck, some folks get their kicks out of using it to make BBQ Buffalo wings, so get creative and have some fun!

You'll find all of these famous Big Bob Gibson products on our Southern Foods page -- and be sure to bookmark it because we're adding more products (including other old favorites) over the next few weeks.

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