Friday, February 22, 2013

Have you tried Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce & Rub?

Tennessee barbecue sauce is a far cry from thin and vinegary North Carolina barbecue sauces.

Don't get me wrong: I love both styles. But each has its place and its purpose.

Carolina vinegar-based BBQ sauces are best enjoyed with pulled pork barbecue and possibly as a marinade for grilled chicken if you're using a Piedmont or western NC, aka Lexington style sauce for the latter. Because they have very little or no tomato or other thickeners, North Carolina BBQ sauce is usually too thin as well as too tart for slathering ribs or for other more common applications.

In contrast, Tennessee sauces tend to be thick and sweet with just a touch of savory tang, making them ideal for slathering on ribs, basting chicken and mopping other foods during the final few minutes of grilling or smoking. They're also excellent at the table for dipping or pouring -- just make sure you have plenty of napkins handy (or don't mind licking your fingers).

Sticky Fingers Tennessee Whiskey Barbecue Sauce is a shining example of the traditional style of BBQ sauce found in Tennessee. Seductively sweet brown sugar and earthy molasses provide old-fashioned sweetness and that trademark "ooey-gooey" thickness that helps this rich sauce stick to your ribs (including the ones on the grill). In fact, Sticky Fingers is made for that very purpose, and also for basting and finishing chicken, shrimp, vegetables and anything else you're cooking up on the barbeque. Just the right amount of tomato, vinegar and other savory ingredients help to balance out the sweetness, and the splash of Tennessee Whiskey provides a depth of flavor that brings everything together. If you're looking for an all-American barbeque sauce the whole family can enjoy, and that will please your cookout guests and tailgating buddies, Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce is the one for you.

If you like seasoning meats or poultry with a flavorful but not overpowering BBQ dry rub prior to smoking, grilling or cooking indoors, our friends in Tennessee make a mouthwatering Sticky Fingers Dry Barbecue Rub that fits the bill and produces succulent results.  Developed especially for seasoning ribs (beef and pork) before they go on the smoker, this robust BBQ seasoning delivers just the right amount of savory spice to enhance the natural flavors of the meat without overwhelming them. Sticky Fingers Rub is also a wonderful choice if you want to season a brisket, pork butt or chops, and even chicken, hamburgers and steaks. You can enjoy it on cooked vegetables and mashed potatoes, too. Go ahead and "think outside the grill" by sprinkling Sticky Fingers Dry Rub on French fries and popcorn for flavorful snack twist!

Both Sticky Fingers Tennessee Whiskey BBQ Sauce and Dry Rub are now available on the recently-updated Southern Foods section of our Carolina Sauce Company website. Make sure to bookmark the page if you love southern sauces, condiments and other foods from the South, because we're in the process of adding more products including the return of some old favorites.

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