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Top 10 Best-Selling North Carolina Products for 2012

If you're looking to buy authentic North Carolina products online, look no further than the Carolina Sauce Company, where we have everything from vinegar barbecue sauces to NC country ham, and even those hard-to-find NC hot sauces, too. Here is our list of the best-selling North Carolina products for 2012:

1. Wells Hog Heaven BBQ Sauce: This vinegar-based barbecue sauce from Burgaw, NC, is also our top-selling product of all time at the Carolina Sauces online store. There are no tomatoes or thickeners in this genuine eastern NC barbeque sauce, just vinegar, spices & seasonings. Ideal for splashing on smoked pulled pork, Wells is also tasty as a marinade for grilled or smoked chicken. Some folks also like adding it to collard greens or green beans for extra tang.

2. NC State Wolfpack Hot Sauce: This Louisiana-style cayenne pepper sauce is made from all-natural ingredients and is a favorite among fans, students & alumni of NC State University. The label sports the colors and officially-licensed logo of the NC State Wolfpack, making this zesty, all-purpose hot sauce an excellent choice for tailgating, game-watching parties and get-togethers where you want to show your school spirit.

3. Bone Suckin' Rib Rub: From the makers of the world-famous Bone Suckin' BBQ Sauce, this sweet & savory, mildly spicy blend of brown sugar, chili pepper, salt, paprika and other spices will complement everything from ribs to chops, chicken to shrimp, grilled veggies to ground meat recipes, and even popcorn or baked potatoes. Bone Suckin' Seasoning Rub is also all-natural, gluten-free, no MSG, and certified Kosher.

4. Bone Suckin' Sauce (original): This is probably the best-known barbecue sauce from North Carolina, and is popular throughout the US and even around the world. Made in the western or Piedmont style with tomatoes, vinegar, spices and a touch of sugar, its tangy-sweet flavor will have the whole family coming back for seconds regardless of what you grill, baste, marinate or otherwise cook with it. Like the dry rub, Bone Suckin' Sauce is gluten-free, all-natural, MSG-free and certified Kosher.

5. JohnBoy & Billy's Hot & Spicy Grillin' Sauce: The brainchild of those crazy guys from the nationally-syndicated JohnBoy & Billy radio show, this feisty North Carolina sauce blends just the right amount of hot peppers into a tangy mustard-tomato-vinegar base for fabulous food-friendly flavor with just enough heat to wake up your mouth without destroying your taste buds. Whether you use it on beef or pork ribs, chicken, kabobs, burgers, or even in baked beans or meatloaf, it's sure to please fans of hot & spicy foods.

6. Bone Suckin' Hiccuppin' Hot Habanero Sauce:  North Carolina isn't known for its hot sauces, but this award-winning habanero hot sauce is starting to change that! With a rich flavor inspired by Bone Suckin' BBQ Sauce and just enough fiery habaneros & other peppers to deliver a solid medium-hot burn, this devilishly delicious hot sauce is loved by foodies and fiery-foods fanatics alike.

7. JohnBoy & Billy's Original Grillin' Sauce: This is THE barbecue sauce that made JohnBoy & Billy famous among BBQ enthusiasts and outdoor chefs. The flavor is reminiscent of coastal Carolina BBQ joint mustard sauces, with that lip-lickin' good tang and spunky spice. It's great on pulled, chopped or sliced pork BBQ as well as slathered on ribs (beef or pork), grilled chicken or burgers, and also at the table as a dipping sauce for pretty much anything, even fries.

8. Wells All-Purpose Ribs & Chicken Sauce: This thick, tomato based sauce from the makers of Wells Hog Heaven is perfect for basting or mopping on ribs and chicken during the final 10 minutes of grilling or broiling. It's also great for adding to ground beef recipes in place of ketchup, and enjoying on hamburgers or with onion rings as a condiment. Savory with a touch of sweetness and spice, it's a good choice for folks who find vinegar based BBQ sauces too tangy.

9. Jim's Own Bar-B-Que Sauce: This was the very first product we offered on the Carolina Sauce website, and it's still one of our all-time favorite BBQ sauces. Its Lexington (aka Piedmont) style base of vinegar and tomatoes beautifully balances sweetness with tang and just a touch of spice for that perky, palate-pleasing flavor that complements pulled pork, grilled chicken, shrimp kabobs and even portobello burgers. This sauce can also play a starring role in the kitchen for marinating, baking, roasting and even stir-frying. And you'll want it at the table for saucing served food, too.

10. Scott's Barbecue Sauce:  Similar to Wells Hog Heaven but considerably spicier in heat and tang, this eastern NC BBQ sauce has a history dating back over 100 years and its traditional flavor is a favorite among serious fans of eastern North Carolina pulled pork barbecue. There are no tomatoes, thickeners or sweeteners, making this vinegar BBQ sauce best-suited for Carolina style barbecue, but it's also very good as a spicy-hot marinade for chicken, or at the table as an alternative to pepper vinegar for seasoning Southern-style greens or fried fish.

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