Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Heartbreaking Dawn's Nuit En Enfer Hot Sauce

Heartbreaking Dawn's Nuit en Enfer Hot Sauce
"Nuit en Enfer" means "Night in Hell," and that's likely what you'll experience if you don't treat this ultra-hot sauce with the proper respect and due care. Yes, it is THAT hot, and should be handled and consumed with discretion and restraint lest you burn your insides and suffer the consequences.

That said, Heartbreaking Dawn's Nuit En Enfer Hot Sauce is a masterpiece of mind-numbing hot peppers and mysteriously luscious, exotic flavors. The serious heat comes from some of the hottest peppers on the planet: Moruga and Trinidad scorpion peppers, ghost peppers (jolokia) and scotch bonnet peppers. The intriguingly tasty flavors come from an inspired blend of apricots, cardamom and rice vinegar. The overall effect is hellishly delicious. If the devil were a gourmet chef, this is the kind of hot sauce he'd develop for his pleasure.

A little goes a long way when you use Nuit En Enfer from Heartbreaking Dawn's. Start off with a toothpick drop until you get a "feel" for the intensity of the heat and a sense for the flavor profile. Once you're comfortable with this extreme hot sauce, you'll love how it goes with all of your favorite hearty fare, especially grilled or roasted meats, poultry and vegetables, robust rice & bean dishes, and more substantial stir-fry creations.

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