Saturday, March 1, 2014

Very Important Announcement from Carolina Sauce

RV Avion trailer
Dear friends of Carolina Sauce Company:

For the next few days, Greg and I will be busy moving out of our house and preparing to begin a most excellent adventure:

We are moving across the country!

We sold our house in Durham, NC, last month and starting this coming week we will live the RV life in rural North Carolina at least through mid-May. Yes, that's a photo of our "new" abode on the left, a vintage Avion trailer, parked next to our current house (photo taken last autumn, hence the green grass and leafy trees). Sometime in May the real adventure will begin as we commence the long trek across the country to Bozeman, Montana, which we plan to call home.

What does this mean for Carolina Sauce?

The good news is that it will be "business as usual" with the online store, as our warehouse partner will continue processing orders and shipping them out. That's the beauty of no longer operating my own warehouse and instead partnering with a larger company here in NC that can fulfill orders even in my absence. So you needn't worry about customer service or whether you still can shop online for your favorite hot sauces, BBQ sauces or other zesty products -- all of that will go on as it currently does, without any effect from my move.

The only places where you might notice my absence is here on this blog, and on the Carolina Sauce Facebook page and our Pinterest boards. Because I am solely responsible for administering those sites, you won't see much activity from me here or on those sites for the next week while we transition out of our house and into our RV. But rest assured that once we are settled in at base camp in the North Carolina wilderness about a week from now, I will be back on Facebook, Pinterest and this blog with more recipes, product reviews and other zesty tidbits of information.

If you need to contact me during the next few days, the best way to do so will be to comment below or on the Carolina Sauce Facebook page, or to send me an email. Please remember that I do NOT have information on customer orders and I am unable to provide customer service regarding order status etc., because all of that is handled by our warehouse partner (a separate company located elsewhere in NC) and I simply do not have that information. If you have inquiries about an order placed on the Carolina Sauces online store, please contact customer service directly as usual and they will be able to help you.

Thanks for your loyal following and support, and stay tuned for new posts in a week or so!

Zestfully yours,

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  1. What an adventure lies ahead! Have a great time, Gloria! I totally want to live the RV life and see the world once the kids are grown.