Friday, March 14, 2014

RV Life: Lessons Learned in Week 1

1.  Neither a GPS nor a husband is infallible when it comes to driving directions. Only one of them, however, will say "I told you so" when you end up lost after disregarding their advice.

2.  Regardless of which service provider you use, you won't have cell phone reception when you discover you're going the wrong way late at night and have no clue where you are (is that banjo music in the distance??)

3.  UPS will deliver packages addressed to "Silver trailer at top of hill." Query whether that will work with pizza delivery...

4.  You don't have to worry about stepping in dog poop when out on a morning run along a country road. You do, however, have to look out for bear poop.

5.  A leaky RV roof is still better than an unheated, bathroomless tent.

6.  No matter how handy you/your spouse may be, your local RV repair guy will soon become your best friend.

7.  Go ahead and start your day by making a to-do list. At least then you'll know everything you WON'T get to that day.

8.  Don't forget to turn off the water pump after filling the RV tank.

9.  If a cat's head fits, the rest of the cat will follow.

10.  When sharing an RV with cats, NEVER leave anything out to thaw, no matter how solidly frozen it is or how well-behaved you think the cats may be.

11.  There is such a thing as one too many cats in an RV. Sometimes that number is one.

12.  There's no such thing as having too many quarters on laundry day.

13.  Speed limits and no-passing zones apparently don't apply to locals driving after dark on winding two-lane roads.

14.  Sometimes an angel drives up in a Jeep equipped with a winch -- this is especially fortuitous when your 3/4 ton truck & attached utility trailer are stuck in the mud up to their axles on the side of a steep hill (I'll let Greg explain this one if/when he chooses).

15.  There will be rain. And mud. And dirt. And spiders. Deal with it. It's camping, after all.

16.  There will also be glorious sunrises, majestic sunsets, velvet-black night skies strewn with millions of glittering diamond-like stars, and other breathtaking moments. Take the time to enjoy them.

Zestfully yours,


  1. Thanks for the morning giggles :) I can only imagine the hilarity. And Boy do I understand the thawing meat/cat experience. I'm going to love following your adventure !!

    1. Happy to oblige :-) So glad you enjoyed my post, and thanks for commenting! I'm already compiling a list of new lessons, and week 2 has barely begun. As long as both humans & both cats come out of this alive, it'll all be good...

  2. Replies
    1. :-) We ordered a $5 item off Amazon as a test to see "what will Brown do for us" (per their slogan), and sure enough, they came thru. The driver was laughing when he delivered the package & Greg told him it was a test. Then he said, "We can track you down anywhere!" Hmmm, that's sort-of creepy....