Monday, March 31, 2014

Our VIP Coupon Sale Ends TODAY!

Carolina Sauce Company coupons
HEADS UP: Our VIP Coupon sale ends at midnight EDT tonight!

If you haven't yet used your special 7% off VIP coupon for hot sauce & barbecue sauce (and more), what are you waiting for, an invitation?!?

Then consider this your official invitation, and head on over to the Carolina Sauces online store to shop for your favorite zesty products and get 7% off their already-reduced sale prices when you use your VIP coupon code. Just be sure to do so before midnight, when the coupon will expire automatically.

Don't have a coupon code but want one? Email me right away with the subject heading "Sign Me Up!" I'll add you to our VIP Club and send you our 7% off coupon along with our March VIP Newsletter so that you can reap your membership benefits immediately.

Already used your special coupon code only to realize that you forgot to order something? No problem, you can use the same VIP coupon code again, as many times as you want, up until it expires.

Reading this email after March 31st and wish you could get future VIP coupons? Simply sign up for our VIP Club -- it's free, no strings attached, and we only email you once a month. Upon confirming your subscription, you'll automatically receive a 5% off "welcome" coupon and you'll be all set to receive the next monthly newsletter when it goes out.

Questions? Concerns? Need help signing up? Send me an email and I'll be happy to help any way I can.

Zestfully yours,

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