Friday, March 28, 2014

What Would YOU Cook with Dried Whole Ghost Chilies & Scorpion Peppers?

dried scorpion peppers
Do you relish the relentless firepower of extremely hot chili peppers?

Do you swoon for the searing heat of brutally hot scorpion peppers?

Does the painful burn of fearsome ghost peppers bring tears of painful pleasure and shivers of devilish delight?

Is the idea of playing with peppery fire in the kitchen appealing to you?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then I have fantastic fiery news for you:

The Carolina Sauces online store is now your source for dried whole ghost chilies (also known as bhut jolokia or naga jolokia peppers) and for even hotter dried whole scorpion peppers -- and both are currently on sale, no coupon required!

These ultra-hot chilies are among the hottest known to man (or woman), with the large smoke-dried ghost pepper pods rating at or above 1 million SHUs (Scoville Heat Units) and the dried scorpion pepper pods measuring at or above 1.4 million SHUs.

dried jolokia peppersIn other words, these are not your friendly everyday dried chilies. You need to exercise extreme care and wear rubber gloves when handling these wrinkly embodiments of hellish flames. And as with ultra-hot hot sauces and pepper extracts, you only need a tiny amount to deliver intensely hot heat -- in other words, a little goes a LONG way.

If you dare cook with these super-hot dried peppers, what would you make with them? The world's hottest chili? Perhaps a lethal chimichanga, or a weaponized burrito? Or how about some nuclear-strength curry, or atomic hot wings?

What would YOU cook with dried ghost peppers or scorpion peppers?

Tell us in a comment below, and please share your recipes if you dare!

Zestfully yours,

PS: Interested in learning more about the Scoville heat scale and how the heat of hot peppers and hot sauces is measured? Click here to read about the Scoville Heat Scale and for a chart showing where many of the popular chili peppers fall on the scale.

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