Saturday, February 9, 2008

2007's Best-Selling Jerks and Curry

Jamaican jerk seasonings, marinades, spices and rubs are very easy to use and provide a simple way to add exotic island flavor to fish, chicken, meats and even vegetable dishes. The same is true of curry sauces, which are found in Caribbean, African and Asian cuisines (in addition to Indian, of course). The following are the Top Ten Best-Selling Jerk and Curry products from the Carolina Sauce Company in 2007:

1. Walkerswood Traditional Jerk Seasoning, an authentic jerk paste blending Jamaican spices and herbs in a scotch bonnet pepper base

2. Walkerswood Jonkanoo Pepper Sauce: Named after a colorful festival with West African origins, this sunny table sauce is full of tropical flavor and peppery flair

3. Wahoo Willie's Jamaican Wing Sauce: This unusual hot and spicy chicken wing sauce fuses Jamaican jerk flavor in a peppery-buttery base for a unique taste sensation

4. Busha Browne's Authentic Jerk Seasoning, an intense Jamaican jerk paste that traces its origins to colonial times

5. Pluto's Organic Jerk Sauce, Mild: Certified organic and made in NC by a Jamaican ex-pat, the rich flavor and mild heat level make this tasty jerk sauce a favorite with kids as well as adults

6. Walkerswood Hot & Spicy Jerk Sauce, a pleasantly peppery-fruity table sauce that lets you splash tropical flavor and fire onto any dish

7. Walkerswood Spicy Jerk Marinade: Simply pour on meat, poultry or fish, marinate in the fridge a couple of hours or overnight, and then bake, roast, broil or grill for real Jamaican flavor

8. Nando's Curry Coconut Cooking & Grilling Sauce, an award-winning South African curry sauce that's full of exotic flavor with a touch of heat from peri-peri peppers

9. Pickapeppa Hot Spicy Jerk Seasoning, another intensely concentrated traditional jerk paste from Jamaica, with a hint of sweetness from raisins and a touch of cane sugar

10. Pluto's Caribbean Bliss Original Hot Spice Blend: Use this dry blend of Caribbean herbs and spices as a dry rub, sprinkle-on table seasoning, or recipe ingredient

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