Saturday, February 2, 2008

2007's Best-Selling Snacks

I bet you'll be re-stocking your pantry with favorite snacks after your current supply is depleted during the Super Bowl tomorrow. When you're ready to replenish your stocks, make sure to get one or more of 2007's Top Ten Best-Selling Snacks from the Carolina Sauce Company:

1. Buderim Ginger Bears: Made with real ginger, these Australian gummy bears have just the right amount of sweetness and zing to satisfy adult palates

2. Fried Pork Fatback, Traditional Flavor: Southerners have enjoyed these salty, combination tender/crunchy, no-carb treats for generations, and now you can too!

3. Fried Pork Fatback, Hot BBQ Flavor: Combining two North Carolina favorites - tender/crunchy old-fashioned fried fatback and peppery BBQ seasoning

4. Carolina BBQ Peanuts: Another perfect marriage of NC products - roasted peanuts and tangy BBQ spices

5. Hot Honeys: Honey Roasted Chipotle Peanuts - The name says it all!

6. Puffy Pork Rinds, Sweet Mild BBQ Flavor: These low-carb lightly crunchy fried "pillows" are seasoned with mellow BBQ flavors and are a favorite with kids as well as adults

7. Dave's Insanity Popcorn: For serious chileheads only, this microwave popcorn is seasoned with Dave's Insanity Sauce, and is INSANELY hot & spicy!

8. Puffy Pork Rinds, Salt & Vinegar Flavor: These puffy fried pork skins are addictive with their salty/tangy taste and light crunch

9. Traditional Pork Rind Cracklins: Another old-fashioned Southern snacking delicacy that's virtually impossible to find in stores, these kettle-fried pork rinds deliver a crispy, salty crunch

10. Popcorn Cracklins, Salt & Vinegar Flavor: These bite-sized pork cracklins are specially crisp-fried for a tender crunch, and the salty-tangy flavor pairs perfectly with your favorite brew

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