Friday, February 8, 2008

Zesty Cocktail Sauce & Tartar Sauce

I'd like to tell you about two homestyle condiments that folks who love seafood and folks observing Lent might want to try. The first is Thomas Fish Camp Cocktail Sauce. Made from an old family recipe born in early North Carolina fish camps, Thomas Cocktail Sauce is thick, tomato-rich and tangy. This old-fashioned cocktail sauce gets its zip from mustard and horseradish. Of course it's perfect for shrimp cocktail, but it's also a zesty topping for fried, baked, steamed or broiled fish, a peppy condiment for crab cakes and fish sandwiches, and even a dip for french fries, hushpuppies, and raw or fried veggies (it's wonderful on fried okra!). For those of us watching our waistlines, I'm happy to report that Thomas Fish Camp Cocktail Sauce is naturally fat-free. In fact, it's all natural, too!

If creamy tartar sauce is more your style, then Thomas Fish Camp Tartar Sauce is for you. Its origins are the same as the Thomas cocktail sauce, and like the cocktail sauce Thomas Fish Camp Tartar Sauce is still made using the original family recipe. Packed with chunky sweet pickles and spiked with a touch of pepper and mustard, this thick and zesty tartar sauce is sure to please with its homestyle flavor and texture. Thomas Tartar Sauce is the classic condiment for fried fish and seafood, and it's delicate enough for steamed, grilled, baked or broiled seafood, too. But don't limit yourself: Use Thomas Fish Camp Tartar Sauce in place of mayo in sandwiches and salads (it's awesome with tuna salad!), or as a creamy-tangy dip.

Both Thomas Fish Camp Cocktail Sauce and Thomas Fish Camp Tartar Sauce are available from the Carolina Sauce Company!

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