Friday, February 22, 2008

UPDATE: Ruth's Hot Mango Sauce

Well, that didn't take long: Our last 2 bottles of Ruth's Hot Mango Sauce were purchased today, which means the Ruth's Mango Sauce era has come to a close. But mango hot sauce lovers should not despair, as there are still several other zesty, fruity, fiery and delicious mango-based hot sauces available from the Carolina Sauce Company, including:

*Big John's Famous Key West Mango Fandango Hot Sauce, blending mangoes with other tropical fruits and scotch bonnet peppers, all in a thick, sweet/savory honey and mustard base. This gem of a sauce is incredibly good on conch fritters, coconut-battered shrimp, and anything off the grill!

*Blair Q Heat Mango Habanero Sauce: More than just a mango habanero hot sauce, this gourmet sauce from Blair's can also be used for basting and grilling

*Conquering Lion Hickory-Smoked Mango Hot Sauce: This all-natural, mostly organic hot sauce is for serious chileheads who like XXX Hot habanero sauces with rich smoky undertones, a thick & hearty texture, and just a touch of mango.

*Maui Pepper Co. Mango Meltdown: this tropical treat is from Florida, not Hawaii, and its sweet mango flavor is tempered with a splash of apple juice and just enough habanero pepper to bring the heat level to medium.

*Maui Pepper Co. X-treme Mango Meltdown, preserving the palate-pleasing sunny flavor of the original Mango Meltdown Sauce, while ratcheting up the heat level with additional habanero peppers

*Melinda's Mango Habanero Sauce: A longtime Caribbean favorite among habanero and mango fans!

We also have a Mango Madness Gift Set comprised of several mango hot sauces plus a bottle of Wahoo Willie's Mango Vinaigrette, blending tangy green mangoes with lime juice and sesame seeds for a versatile marinade and dressing. We'll soon be updating this gift set as well as others that included Ruth's Mango Sauce, to feature a different mango sauce that we hope you'll enjoy at least as much as Ruth's.

Zestfully yours,

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