Thursday, February 7, 2008

Saving You Money & Helping to Save the Planet

If you've ordered from the Carolina Sauce Company, you might have noticed that the shipping box containing your order is *not* a fancy box displaying the Carolina Sauce Company name and logo. You also might have wondered about some of the packing materials, which can range from shredded newsprint and paper to mis-matched colors and types of packing peanuts to bundled-up plastic, etc. You might have even wondered where the boxes and packing materials are coming from. The answer is simple: we re-use the packing materials and boxes we receive when we order our inventory (provided the boxes are still sturdy and the packing materials are clean), AND we also have a network of environmentally conscious friends and businesses that supply us with their excess reusable boxes and packing materials.

Why do we do this, instead of using pretty, brand-new boxes with our logo, pristine packing peanuts or other such "virgin" packing materials? For two reasons: First, by re-using boxes and packing materials instead of buying them, we keep our costs low and pass on the savings to YOU, the customer. We often have folks ask us how it is that we can keep our prices so low compared to our competitors, and this is one big reason why we can.

The second reason we re-use boxes and packing materials is because we support recycling and the reduction of waste heading to our landfills. Re-using boxes instead of buying new customized boxes means fewer trees and other resources are used to manufacture and print new ones. We shred newspapers, junk mail, scrap paper, magazines and even phone books instead of tossing them in the trash, to create soft (and absorbent!) cushioning for sauce bottles. The packing peanuts, air pillows, styrofoam, most of the bubble wrap we use, etc. are also receiving a "second life" instead of spending eternity in a landfill, polluting the environment.

So by shopping with Carolina Sauce Company, not only do you save money but you help save the planet!

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