Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ruth's Mango Sauces

We were saddened to learn earlier this week that Ruth's Mango Sauces have been discontinued by the manufacturer. These fruity-spicy Jamaican sauces were always hard to keep in stock, not only because they had a loyal following among our customers, but also because the manufacturer frequently experienced production problems, causing occasional product shortages. Ruth's Mango Sauces were always worth the wait, however, because of their tropical ripe mango flavor, tongue-pleasing thick texture, and zesty spice blend. The Original Ruth's Mango Sauce was spicy without being hot, making it a user-friendly table sauce that complemented grilled foods, fish and seafood. The Ginger version blended the palate-cleansing zip and bite of fresh ginger into Ruth's original mango base. The Hot version featured Caribbean hot peppers added to the original mango base to create a fiery sweet-fruity hot sauce for mango lovers and chileheads.

Unfortunately, these tasty sauces are now a thing of the past......... EXCEPT for two (2) last bottles of Ruth's Hot Mango Sauce, which we were able to scrounge up (ok, the truth is that I had misplaced them last week while selecting products for our Moving Sale, and only found them tonight when our inventory numbers didn't match). So this is it, folks, your LAST CHANCE to order Ruth's Hot Mango Sauce! Don't delay: once these 2 bottles are sold, the sauce will be gone forever.

Zestfully yours,

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