Friday, February 15, 2008

Texas Pete Hot Sauce: 2 New Flavors!

Texas Pete Hot Sauce is made in Winston-Salem, NC (not in Texas!) and is a pleasantly peppery vinegar-based hot sauce rating a mild-medium on my personal heat scale (to give you a better relative heat level, you should know that I love habanero peppers and fiery foods from India, Asia, Latin America and New Mexico). The original Texas Pete Hot Sauce has been on the market for years, and is the quintessential hot sauce for making homemade Buffalo-style chicken wings. In fact, the label on the bottle has a recipe for authentic Buffalo wings. Recently, Texas Pete introduced two new flavors, both based on their original recipe. The new Texas Pete Garlic Hot Sauce is in the same heat range as the original, but is perked up with plenty of garlic powder. This makes it an ideal seasoning for spicing up Italian, Mexican and stir-fry dishes, and for making garlic hot wings and splashing on fries and other finger food. For folks who prefer more fiery fare but want an honest hot sauce that won't interfere with a food's flavors, there's the new Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce. This baby is easily double the heat level of the original Texas Pete, and is exactly what the doctor ordered for seriously hot homemade Buffalo wings (as well as for anything that needs added firepower while preserving the original flavors of the dish). Both new flavors are now available in 6 oz bottles from the Carolina Sauce Company.

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