Friday, August 15, 2008

Boar & Castle Memories

The Boar & Castle was a wildly popular restaurant in Greensboro, NC for over 50 years, famous for its steak sandwiches, burgers, fries and other hearty fare, all made tastier with their signature Boar and Castle Sauce. Even after the restaurant closed, Boar & Castle Sauce continued to have quite a following and was available at grocery stores, convenience stores and other shops in central North Carolina. I discovered Boar & Castle Sauce during my college days in Winston-Salem when my boyfriend (and now husband) made me a delicious dinner one night: steak grilled to perfection, with Boar & Castle Sauce on the side (no wonder I married the guy!).

After we married and moved to Durham, we could still find Boar & Castle Sauce at our local Harris Teeter, and I eventually located the manufacturer and was able to add Boar & Castle Sauce to the Carolina Sauce Company online store. Boar & Castle Sauce soon became one of our best-selling sauces, as folks from all over the US -- and military personnel stationed abroad -- who had grown up with it were now able to order it online and have it shipped to them.

Sadly, the Boar & Castle era came to a close last year when the manufacturer of this tasty sauce closed his business. Although Boar & Castle Sauce has long since sold out and is no longer available (and I'm not parting with my last unopened bottle!), I've heard rumors that someone might start making it again. That's why I've been keeping a waiting list of folks who want to be notified if the sauce is available again, since we plan on re-stocking immediately here at Carolina Sauce. Some folks who have emailed us to be added to the waiting list have shared their own Boar & Castle memories, and I thought others might enjoy reading some of these stories. So here is a selection of some of the Boar & Castle fan mail I've received:

“I was born and raised in Greensboro and lived about 6 houses down from the Boar and Castle on Walker Ave. My parents met and fell in love while "dragging" thru the Boar and Castle in the 1960's........we've heard over and over the stories of who really followed who into the parking lot (depending on who was telling the story). So, really I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for that wonderful drive-in. I ate there many times as a kid and loved was a special treat to get to go there. My parents live at the beach now and each year when I went for Christmas (and several times during the year) I would have to bring a case of Castle Sauce with me. Imagine my surprise this year when I went to get it and it was GONE.” --S.H., Greensboro NC

“Please add me to your waiting list for Boar and Castle Sauce. We've been using Castle Sauce since the early seventies. We used to go there and eat fries and Castle Burgers all through High School. We live in Kannapolis, NC now and can usually find it at Harris Teeter. The last time there my wife bought all that they had. We still have a couple of bottles left so we'll have to ration it slowly.” --J. & B. T., Kannapolis NC

“I grew up going to the Boar and Castle Drive-In and have picked up the sauce to take home with me when I lived in other parts of the country and shipped it to family members in other parts of the country so I hate to see the sauce disappear from the market.” --D.K., High Point N.C.

“Please notify me if Boar & Castle Sauce becomes available again. I have been a big fan of the sauce for fifty years, and was a "regular" at the Castle itself for a long time.” –J.S., Pleasant Garden NC

“I grew up about 1/2 mile from the Boar and Castle in Greensboro and went to the same church as the Thomas family that owned the 'Castle'. Castle Sauce has been in our pantry for over 60 years. My parents used it, my family used it, and both of my daughters and their families used it. I'm getting very low in stock as I only have 15 full bottles left as of today. I lived in G'boro for 42 years then moved to FL in 1982. If I wasn't going to G'boro for a while, I would order it and have it shipped by the case to my home in FL. I remember when it was also available in one gallon plastic jugs for retail sale. I was present when they tore down the old 'Castle' and I still have two bricks from the building along with several old 'Castle boards'. Big Jake, the most popular car hop at the Castle opened up a little sandwich shop in G'boro and the only things on the menu were the items served at the Castle. Jake was sometimes a cook at the Castle and he duplicated the sauce 100% at his place. Sad to say, it's no longer in business.” --F.C., Maitland FL

“My friend sent me your website information and I had to write-- just wondering if there is any chance of ever seeing Boar & Castle sauce again. I too went to the Castle in my high school years (I am 64 years old) and remember those pan rolls & Castleburgers like it was yesterday.” --J.S.

If you have a Boar & Castle memory you'd like to share, or if you'd like to be notified if Boar & Castle Sauce becomes available again, please email me (sales"AT"carolinasauce"DOT"com) or leave a comment. I'll be sharing more Boar & Castle stories in future posts.

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  1. We have used Boar & Castle sauce on hot dogs for many years and love it. Did not know it was no longer manufactured until after much searching all the stores, found this web site. Not sure who is making a list, but we want to be on the list if someone decides to make the sauce again and sale