Thursday, August 21, 2008

Carolina Sauce Newsletter: Back To School Sale!

Cash in on our Back to School Sale for great savings on zesty sauces, condiments, snacks and more! Simply order $40 or more in products from the Carolina Sauce Company, now through August 30th, and enter the coupon code "SchoolBlog808" to get 10% off the product total -- and yes, this includes 10% off items already on sale, like Greg's Happy Sauce and many of our delicious new products listed below! Better yet, order at least $100 worth of products (or include an Operation Sauce Drop donation with your order so that the product total plus the donation equal $100 or more) and you'll save 10% AND you'll receive a free bottle of our award-winning Greg's Happy Sauce, with recipes! Don't delay - this sale lasts TEN DAYS ONLY, and the savings end on August 30th.

Latest New Products AND More Savings

We've added a BUNCH of delicious new products since the last newsletter, many of which are on sale. And yes, you can get another 10% off the sale prices with the "SchoolBlog808" coupon when you order at least $40 worth of products, good through August 30th!

Hot Sauces
*Susie's Pineapple Pleasure: Back by popular demand, this hard-to-find tropical hot sauce hails from Antigua and features juicy island pineapple and spicy Caribbean hot peppers. Ideal on seafood, roast pork, grilled chicken, and spicy kabobs!
*Uncle Brutha's Gourmet Hot Sauces: These award-winning hot sauces are packed with layers of zesty flavor and plenty of peppery fire. Uncle Brutha's Fire Hot Sauce No. 9 features serrano chiles, garlic, ginger and cilantro, while Uncle Brutha's Fire Hot Sauce No. 10 is made with a fiery four-pepper blend and is fantastic on meats, in chili, with pizza, and more. Both flavor are ON SALE!
*Durn Good Hot Sauce: Made in North Carolina, this tangy all-purpose pepper sauce is perfect for eggs and breakfast dishes, sandwiches and burgers, pizza, pasta, Tex-Mex, and anything else that would benefit from a spicy wake-up call. ON SALE!
*Venom Xtreme Hot Sauce: This ultra-hot hot sauce features Caribbean flavors and is #7 on our list of hottest hot sauce. And yes, it really is EXTREMELY hot. ON SALE!

BBQ Sauces
*Duplin's Finest Hot BBQ Sauce: This eastern NC vinegar based BBQ sauce has no tomatoes and is peppery-hot, perfect for folks who like their pulled pork BBQ with a kick!
*Tarheel Premium Original BBQ Sauce: This "hybrid" NC BBQ sauce starts with a thick, sweet tomato-molasses base but adds tangy vinegar and a few spicy peppers for a fusion of flavor that enhances all sorts of barbecue, from pork and meat to poultry and seafood. Wonderful on ribs, and in baked beans!

Rubs & Seasonings
*Char Crust All-American BBQ: Featuring the best from each major regional barbecue style, this dry rub & seasoning will add zesty, tangy flavor to steaks, ribs, roasts, chicken, and more. ON SALE!
*Durn Good Seasonings: Made in NC, these versatile seasonings come in 4 mouthwatering flavors, for all your cooking needs: the Southern-style Original Blend, bold & zesty Cajun Spice Blend, the exotic Island Spice Blend, and fiery Southwest Flavor Seasoning. All 4 varieties are ON SALE!
*Mama T's Seasonings: From the outer banks of NC, Mama T's Seafood Seasoned Salt adds palate-pleasing flavor to fish and shellfish, and is a great addition to breading. Mama T's Ranch Style Seasoning is terrific sprinkled on veggies, salads, mashed potatoes, french fries and more!

Condiments & Snacks
*Capone Family Secret Giardiniera: This authentic Italian style giardiniera comes from Chicago, courtesy of a descendant of Al Capone. Giardiniera (a blend of sweet or spicy peppers and other marinated veggies) is essential for authentic Italian deli sandwiches, and is also delicious on crackers, with antipasti, tossed in salads, and even on pizza and burgers. ON SALE!
*Firehouse Nuts: These habanero-seasoned peanuts are fiery and flavorful, and will satisfy all your spicy-crunchy snack cravings.
*Durn Good Spicy Mustard: Not your ordinary yellow mustard, Durn Good Mustard is enhanced with just enough peppers to be spicy hot without burning out your tastebuds. ON SALE!
*Mama T's Hot Pepper Relish: This savory, robust pepper relish from North Carolina's Outer Banks is hot & spicy, and makes a great topping for sandwiches, subs and burgers, and a zippy condiment for sausages, scrambled eggs, grilled or fried foods and more!

Marinades & Dressings
*Ann's Marinade: Originally developed for venison and other game, this savory soy sauce & cumin marinade will tenderize any cut of meat or poultry, infusing it with mouthwatering flavors and just a touch of spiciness. Delicious on pork and wild boar as well as beef and venison!
*Mama T's Olive Oil Vinaigrette: This homestyle salad dressing is made with olive oil, red wine vinegar, herbs and spices, without any of the artificial ingredients found in commercial dressings. Use on salads and vegetable dishes, and also as a marinade for seafood or poultry. Not spicy, but simply delicious!

Donate to Operation Sauce Drop, and We'll MATCH Your Donation!

Operation Sauce Drop is our non-profit project to send FREE gift boxes of sauce to US military personnel stationed abroad. The troops really appreciate the gift boxes, as you can see from our feedback page. And now, Carolina Sauce Company is MATCHING 100% of ALL donations received! The average cost for us to purchase and ship a free gift box of sauce is $20. Our new matching program means you can send free hot sauce or BBQ sauce to a deployed soldier for only $10! At the time of this writing, we've sent gift boxes to more than 170 servicemen and women serving abroad, thanks to the generosity of our donors. However, we currently have a waiting list of 87 servicemen and women who have signed up for a free gift box (some have been waiting for months), and Operation Sauce Drop is currently out of money. Want to help send a taste of home to our troops stationed abroad? Visit our Operation Sauce Drop Donation Page and choose how much you want to donate. You can also make a donation in any amount through Pay Pal. And remember, in addition to donating the labor involved and covering all the incidental costs, Carolina Sauce will MATCH your donation, so your dollars will go twice as far!

Low Sodium & No Sodium Products

Are you watching your sodium intake or following a low-salt diet, but still want to enjoy full-flavored BBQ & cooking sauces, spicy hot sauces, zesty condiments or robust seasonings? Then check out our selection of Low Sodium and No Sodium Products! All of the products listed in this new section have only 35 mg or fewer of sodium, or no sodium at all.

***Reminder: Order $40 or more in products from the Carolina Sauce Company between now and August 30th, and save 10% when you use the coupon "SchoolBlog808"!***

Zestfully yours,

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