Friday, August 22, 2008

More Boar & Castle Stories

This is the second in a series of posts about the beloved -- and sorely missed -- Boar & Castle Restaurant of Greensboro, NC, and its delicious creation, Boar & Castle Sauce which sadly is now gone, too. Fans of the sauce have been emailing and calling to add their names to our Boar & Castle Sauce waiting list in case the sauce does make a comeback, and some have included their stories and memories about the Castle and the Sauce. Here's another handful of memories from devoted fans of the sauce:

“Oh dear! I certainly hope someone takes over the manufacturing of Boar & Castle Sauce! It has been a staple in our home for 45+ years!!!” --F.S.,

“Pullleeeze bring it back ! I just found out it had been available ! For years, I drove back to Greensboro to pick up several bottles at a time, then my college friend would ship them...but now ????” --B.B.

“Please, please, please bring Castle Sauce back! My husband and I met at the Boar and Castle forty years ago, and we have bought Castle Sauce ever since. I hit four grocery stores today trying to find some. Everywhere I went, the managers said they had had lots of upset customers. It was terrible when they tore down the Castle, but to live without Castle Sauce is a catastrophe!” --K.U.

“AHHHHH so that's why my mom couldn't find any in the store before her last visit. I'm heart broken!!! Since I moved from my home state of North Carolina 27 years ago I've been schlepping Boar and Castle all over the place. It's been the ticket in my front door for visiting friends and relatives and the first thing (after a good ol' Eastern NC barbecue sandwich) I purchase when I'm back home. How could they stop making it! Is it really true? Would you please email me if you get more in stock. Please! At least I've got one more bottle!!! The good thing out of this discovery is my finding y'all's website. Excellent products, so now I have another place to get good sweet Carolina things.” --E.C.

“I have been hooked on the stuff since I used to take my dates all the way from Asheboro to sit under the oak trees at the Boar and Castle and eat the steak sandwiches. During the 13 1/2 years we lived in New Jersey (assigned there by Burlington Industries) I had people from the Greensboro area bring me "care packages" of grits and Boar and Castle Sauce every time they came up there. Since my retirement in Lake Lure, NC, I had my cousin in Asheboro get it for me.” --B.W.

If you would like to be added to our Boar & Castle Sauce waiting list, or if you have a Boar & Castle memory you'd like to share, simply email me at "salesATcarolinasauceDOTcom", or call us at 919-286-1080. Please also feel free to leave a comment on this blog to share your Boar & Castle story, but please DON'T include your email address in your comment unless you want the world to email you (i.e., spammers who'll harvest your email from your comment)!

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