Wednesday, August 6, 2008

July's Best-Selling BBQ Sauce, Hot Sauce, etc.

The Carolina Sauce Company best-seller lists for July 2008 in each of the specific product categories have been updated, and are ready for your browsing (and shopping) pleasure. Below are some of the highlights -- Just click on the product category link to go straight to that specific best-seller list.

*Best Selling Hot Sauce: A Canadian hot sauce called Acid Rain Hot Sauce Piquante made the top ten list last month, and I'm glad to see more people are discovering the tasty and fiery flavors created by its unique multi-pepper blend

*Best Selling Barbecue Sauce: A new number one top-selling barbeque sauce was crowned in July, the exotically delicious Carolina Swamp Sauce, which was also the overall best-selling product at the Carolina Sauce Company this past month

*Best Selling Marinades & Dressings: Our very own Greg's Happy Sauce moved up to number 2 on this list! This versatile marinade, grilling & all-purpose cooking sauce has won multiple awards, and it comes with free recipes and a "grilling tips" flyer - and is currently on sale!

*Best Selling Rubs & Seasonings: After finally coming back in stock towards the end of the month, the Tuscan-inspired Char Crust Sun-Dried Tomato & Garlic Seasoning made an impressive debut at number 10 - and it's currently on sale!

*Best Selling Salsa & Relish: All three flavors of Peppers Blue Crab Salsas, made with real Maryland Blue Crab, made the list: flavorful Original, smoky-hot Chipotle & Smoked Corn, and spicy Zesty Blue Crab Salsa

*Best Selling Jerk & Curry Products: This list featured several different dry spice blends, including a delectable newcomer, Knox's Gourmet Jamaican Jerk Dry Rub from the Knox Spice Company in Chicago

*Best Selling North Carolina Products: A local favorite, aptly named Carolina Treet Cooking Barbecue Sauce, continued its stay on this best-seller list

*Best Selling Snacks: The deceptively innocent-looking but spicy-hot Ass Kickin' Jelly Beans came in at number 5 for an impressive debut on this list -- these babies have been known to "out" sneaky office candy thieves who thought they were stealing ordinary jelly beans!

*Best Selling Mustards: Proving true to its name, Durn Good Hot 'n Spicy Mustard from North Carolina moved up to #2 in July -- and it's currently on sale!

*Best Selling Wing Sauce: A zesty personal favorite from upstate New York, Burning Asphalt Buffalo Wing Sauce, finished strong at #3

*Best Selling Gift Sets: We had a newcomer to this list in July, which makes me wonder if the summer heat was playing havoc on romance: the "Love Stinks" Gift Set made the list at #5!

Zestfully yours,