Monday, August 11, 2008

Flambeau Dipping Sauce

A customer called today to order a case of Matouk's Flambeau Sauce. While we were talking, he mentioned that he makes a dipping sauce for chicken wings using Matouk's Flambeau. I asked if he'd be willing to share his recipe with me for this blog, and he said sure. It's really simple, and although I haven't yet tested it out in my kitchen (I'm still at the office) I bet this is good on more than just wings and would also taste quite good as a dipping sauce for onion rings, fried mushrooms or zucchini, french fries, shrimp (either fried or boiled), and probably more. Heck, it might also work as an exotic dipping sauce for barbecue!

All you need to remember to make this fiery and flavorful dipping sauce is the ratio 3 to 1. Regardless of how much dip you want to make, begin with 3 parts of Matouk's Flambeau Sauce to 1 part ranch dressing. Combine in a bowl and taste for heat. If you want the sauce to be spicier, just stir in more Matouk's and taste again until you get the heat level you want. If you want the sauce milder, then just add more ranch dressing and taste again until you get the dipping sauce mild enough. That's it!

If this flavor combo sounds good to you, then you'll definitely want to try Wahoo Willie's Caribbean Ranch Dressing, a delicious blend of creamy, tangy ranch dressing with just enough caribbean spiciness to tingle your tastebuds. And if Matouk's Flambeau is a bit too hot for you (after all, it is flaming hot!), don't worry: there are 3 other less-fiery but full-flavored varieties of Matouk's Hot Sauce which are sure to please.

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