Monday, October 12, 2009

Buy Hot Southern Twang & Support Our Troops!

If you enjoy dining on zesty foods and would like to support our brave troops serving abroad, you can now do both! The generous folks at Jodeco Foods, makers of Southern Twang gourmet cooking & grilling sauces, have donated a bunch of their feisty & flavorful Hot Southern Twang to help raise funds for Operation Sauce Drop, our nonprofit program that sends free gift boxes of BBQ sauce & hot sauce to US troops stationed overseas.

Thick & rich, sweet & tangy with a hint of citrus and a medium-hot pepper kick, Hot Southern Twang is an award-winning tomato-based sauce that you can use as a marinade, grilling and basting sauce, a dipping and finishing sauce, and even as a zesty addition to casseroles, meatloaf and other favorite recipes. It's particularly good over spaghetti as a spicy alternative to ordinary tomato sauce. Southern Twang sauce pairs well with all types of meat & poultry, plus seafood (especially shrimp) and vegetables (simply sublime with roasted veggies). Every jar comes with beautiful recipe cards to help you get started in the kitchen. And best of all, Hot Southern Twang is part of "Shop to Support Operation Sauce Drop", which means that when you order Hot Southern Twang from the Carolina Sauce Company, the ENTIRE price of the sauce goes to Operation Sauce Drop! The average cost to send one Operation Sauce Drop gift box to a deployed soldier is about $20, so if you purchase 1 jar of Hot Southern Twang, we're one-quarter of the way there. Order 4 jars, and a deployed soldier receives a free gift box of sauce while you get to enjoy lots of Hot Southern Twang -- a win/win situation all around!

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