Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Conquering Lion Hot Sauces Are Back!

Hot Sauce fans, rejoice! Conquering Lion Hot Sauces are back in stock, and they're on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company online store! Made in West Virginia from all-natural, mostly organic ingredients, these rich and smoky hot sauces are lovingly hand-crafted in small batches using local produce grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. The tomatoes and hot peppers (including habaneros and cayennes) are picked at peak ripeness and then smoked using 100% Appalachian hickory wood. The process takes 3 days and the end result is a deliciously complex and robust hot sauce that delivers layers of earthy, smoky flavor and plenty of peppery firepower.

The original Conquering Lion Hickory-Smoked Hot Sauce has a good hot heat level, thanks to the use of habanero peppers and cayenne peppers as primary ingredients, blended with sweet red bell peppers, carrots and onions in a rich tomato base to help tame the fiery habaneros. But this isn't a wimpy, watery vinegar hot sauce: The hickory smoked flavor is fantastic, and nicely balances the peppery heat. This is a terrific all-purpose hot sauce when you want to add smoky heat to a dish, and makes a nice accompaniment to grilled, roasted or broiled meats (including game), veggies and poultry. It's also great on hamburgers, veggie burgers and in chili recipes. If you are a serious chilehead and crave extremely hot foods, then Conquering Lion Hickory-Smoked XXX Hot Sauce is for you. This is about as hot as you can get without adding capsaicin extract to artificially raise the heat level of a hot sauce. However, this super-hot sauce still delivers the delicious multi-dimensional rich flavor that makes Conquering Lion Hot Sauces among my favorites. Just be sure to use the XXX sauce with discretion.

For folks who enjoy a little splash of tropical flavor with their intense heat, Conquering Lion Hickory Smoked Mango Hot Sauce starts off with the XXX Hot Sauce as the base and then adds fresh Florida organic mangoes for just a hint of subtle sweetness. This hot sauce is especially nice in baked beans, sloppy joes, meatloaf, and added to tomato-based BBQ sauces that need some extra punch. All three flavors are 100% natural, mostly organic (the manufacturer is working on getting official organic certification for his products), non-GMO, have less than 1 mg sodium per serving, and have no more than 1 carb per serving. Try them now, while they're in stock and on sale at Carolina Sauce!

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