Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Labels, Lower Prices for Pepper Dog Salsa

Check out the beautiful new labels for Pepper Dog Salsa from North Carolina -- and better yet, check out the new lower prices for these delicious, award-winning and all-natural salsas! Packed with real Southwestern flavor, Pepper Dog Salsas are smooth (not chunky), seasoned with cilantro, chili powder, garlic and other savory spices for a flavor that that's rich and slightly smoky. The red salsas come in three different heat levels: zesty Mild salsa that's perfect for the whole family, spicy Medium salsa with a healthy peppery kick, and fiery Hot salsa for folks who yearn for the burn of hot & spicy Tex Mex cuisine. And if you enjoy the tomatillo tang of Salsa Verde (green salsa), you HAVE to try Pepper Dog Salsa Verde, which is as tasty and authentic as any I've had at real (not Americanized) Mexican restaurants. Pepper Dog salsas are great with chips, nachos, and as a condiment for Mexican, Southwestern and Tex-Mex dishes, but they're also terrific for cooking: Just check out the easy recipes for 5-Minute Chili on the jar labels! I also enjoy them as an alternative to ketchup for my scrambled eggs, omelets and burgers.

The good folks at Pepper Dog also make a wonderful, all-natural dry rub that's robust and full-flavored, with just a bit of heat and that trademark smoky flavor that has made Pepper Dog products famous. Ideal for brisket, ribs, and other hearty meats, Pepper Dog Dry Rub also adds savory flavor to chicken, veggies and seafood (check out the shrimp recipe on the label!). Try it sprinkled over popcorn for a zesty change of pace. This dry rub not only tastes great (and bears the nifty new label), but it's also good for you: No MSG, and it's gluten-free and low-carb, too. You can get all of the Pepper Dog products from the Carolina Sauce Company.

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  1. The new labels look great! And the salsa is delicious. We've tried the medium, mild and verde. The salsa verde is quite hot - I cooked the recipe on the jar and was afraid it would be too hot for my kids - the beans mellowed out the heat nicely and even the kids' bowls were empty! Great products!