Sunday, October 25, 2009

Final Food Finds at the NC State Fair

We spent the morning and early afternoon today at the State Fair, sampling a few more foods and visiting with friends, including the nice folks who make Lilly's Gourmet Maple Butter, who were sampling their decadently delicious maple butter at the Got to be NC tent. That's one of my favorite sweet treats spread on toast or a bagel, or stirred into hot oatmeal on a cold morning, or drizzled over a baked sweet potato with dinner.

Speaking of sweet stuff, I had to try the deep-fried cookie dough after reading a mouthwatering description on a local blog. I'm pleased to report that the original reviewer did not exaggerate in praising this temptation! A little larger than a golf ball, the outside breading is similar in texture and taste to fried dough or elephant ears, while the inside is warm, gooey cookie dough with melted chocolate chips. MMMMMmmmmmmm, heavenly!! I don't usually care for deep-fried foods, but this was worth every calorie and fat gram.

We went back to the Ragin Cajun for lunch, and the friends we were with enjoyed the chicken & shrimp gumbo and the fried shrimp, while Greg and I split an order of crawfish tails (lightly battered & fried) and Cajun fries. Our food had a nice medium spicy heat and good Cajun flavor, and their homemade "special sauce" (creamy with Cajun spices) was a nice counterpoint.

One of our friends had never had kettle corn before, so we got some at the booth near the blacksmith. She agreed that it was addictively good, and we enjoyed our snack as we walked back up to the livestock and poultry exhibits.

I was craving one last ham biscuit from the Cary United Methodist Church restaurant, but the line was very long and also not moving at all, so we gave up after standing around for about 10 minutes without any signs of progress. Instead, we walked back down to the bake shop by the pig races and I chowed down on a gigantic strawberry strudel. It was very good, but the blueberry one from last week was a bit better. Although I was still craving something salty, I felt rather full and it was time to head home. Maybe I'll cook something up for dinner tonight with some smoked sausage or bacon to satisfy that craving.... and start counting down the days to next year's State Fair!

Zestfully yours,

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