Friday, October 2, 2009

Top 10 Best-Selling Sauces for September

Here are the top 10 best-selling zesty products across all categories at the Carolina Sauce Company for September - and there are some surprise finishes by some tasty products!

1. Outta The Park BBQ Sauce: One of our newest (and most delicious, if I might add) sauces was also our best-selling product last month. Outta The Park is a thick, rich tomato-based gourmet BBQ sauce that starts off a little sweet and finishes with a zesty ginger-pepper kick that complements everything from ribs and chicken to baked beans, meatloaf, chili & burgers

2. Buderim Ginger Bears are grown-up gummy bears, not too sweet and with a gingery "bite," and they're the second-best selling zesty product for September

3. Matouk's Flambeau Hot Sauce is one of the hottest hot sauces available without added capsaicin extract, coming to us from the West Indies and made with aged scotch bonnet peppers

4. Walkerswood Traditional Jamaican Jerk Seasoning is always one of our best-sellers, and is an authentic jerk paste or wet rub from Jamaica

5. Busha Browne's Pukka Sauce also comes to us from Jamaica and also regularly finishes in the top 10, with its food-friendly, versatile flavor (it's not a jerk sauce!) and its fiery heat

6. Capsicana Zing Sauce: Made in NC, Zing is a feisty, sweet & spicy table sauce that's great on pretty much any savory food and can be enjoyed with breakfast, lunch & dinner

7. Georgia Peach & Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce captures the essence of a sunny Southern summer day, with juicy ripe peaches and sweet-savory vidalia onions, and just a touch of peppery heat

8. Jamaica Hell Fire 4 in 1 Hot Sauce: Made with sun-ripened tropical hot peppers and Jamaican spices, this very hot sauce adds festive island flavor to any dish

9. Castle Sauce is our all-time best-selling product, and once you taste this classic steak & burger sauce from Greensboro NC, you'll know why!

10. Wells Hog Heaven BBQ Sauce: Rounding out our top ten list is this authentic eastern NC vinegar-based barbecue sauce that's perfect for making Carolina style pulled pork BBQ

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