Monday, September 13, 2010

August's Carolina Sauce Best-Seller Lists are Now Available

If you were wondering what was the best-selling hot sauce last month at the Carolina Sauce Company, or for that matter the best-selling barbecue sauce or other best-selling products, I have good news: All of the product category best-seller lists for the Carolina Sauce Co. online store have now been updated with the results for August 2010. Normally I use this blog to highlight one or two items on each list. But due to time constraints at this time (I'm currently working on the upcoming September Newsletter with special coupons, discounts, a tasty recipe & other zesty information), please forgive me for breaking from tradition and simply announcing that the lists are now available for your perusal. Yes, there were some surprising new best-sellers including the "dethroning" of a long-time top seller. But you'll have to check out our best-selling products lists yourself to find out more!

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