Thursday, September 23, 2010

Xtreme Hot Sauce

If you love really hot habanero hot sauces but also have high expectations for their flavor -- and assuming you're not a vampire -- you need to check out Xtreme Hot Sauce, the latest new product at the Carolina Sauce Company. This aptly-named hot sauce stands out from the crowd on every level: First, it comes in an eye-catching flask instead of the usual 5oz hot sauce bottle. One nice thing about the flask is that you get more sauce for your money, as it holds 7.5 fluid ounces (think of it as getting an extra half-bottle of sauce for the same price as many 5oz hot sauces). The simple, plain brown label with the graphic "X" is also a dramatic departure from the typical "busy" designs on many lesser hot sauces.

Second, the sauce inside the bottle is satisfyingly "extreme" without being "insane." What I mean is that this 100% all-natural hot sauce packs a mighty habanero wallop BUT not to the point where you can't taste the rich, garlicky flavor (hence my reference to vampires) with citrusy notes. Xtreme Hot Sauce takes the heat level right to the edge, without going overboard, so you can enjoy your food while also experiencing a good "hot sauce buzz" or endorphin rush. This sauce is pleasantly thick in texture with little bits of garlic and pepper, making it interesting to the tongue, which some folks (like myself) find appealing in a hot sauce. The aroma is also quite intense, with plenty of pungent garlic and peppery "bite" - yes, you might sneeze if you take a big whiff from the open bottle. But this is all consistent with the Xtreme theme, after all.

Best of all, Xtreme Hot Sauce is an excellent way to add intense heat to a savory dish without extremely painful consequences later, because it doesn't contain artificial heat enhancers (no extract in this baby). From pizza to burgers to Tex-Mex to casseroles and more, you can enjoy this hot sauce on pretty much anything except dessert. It's also a great heat & flavor booster for salsa, BBQ sauce, and recipes. If you're counting carbs or watching your sodium intake, you'll like the fact that this powerful and versatile hot sauce has only 1 carb and 35mg of sodium per teaspoon -- and trust me, a teaspoon goes a L-O-N-G way.

So, if you enjoy living life to the fullest and eating "on the edge", get some Xtreme Hot Sauce, especially while it's on sale at Carolina Sauce!

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