Saturday, September 11, 2010

Haiti Is Hot! Hot Sauces

Haiti Is Hot! hot sauces come to us from Haiti thanks to the efforts of Bel Soley, a visionary company committed to the rebuilding of Haiti "one pepper at a time." Made from the native Haitian variety of habanero known as the Piman Bouk, these amazingly delicious and fiery-hot hot sauces are based on traditional Haitian recipes and use all-natural, locally produced ingredients.

The Piman Bouk pepper has been measured raw at 124,000 Scoville Units and both flavors of Haiti Is Hot! pepper sauce feature plenty of heat, with the Mango-Acerola Cherry Hot Sauce on the hot side of medium-hot and the Papaya Hot Sauce being noticeably hotter, a good solid 7 or more on a 10-point heat scale. But what makes these hot sauces really stand out is their superb, unique flavors thanks to the use of the finest ingredients. Bel Soley works with small local farmers who grow their fruits and vegetables using organic standards. The Mango-Cherry sauce blends fresh Piman Bouk habaneros with the finest Francique and Mango Blanc mangoes (over 60 mango varieties grow in Haiti!) plus Acerola cherries for a sauce that's naturally sweet with a spunky hint of tartness and a peppery punch. The Papaya hot sauce combines papaya with a local sweet variety of grapefruit called Chadeque and cane sugar to create a tangy, fruity taste with a big habanero wallop. I like both of these hot sauces on all sorts of grilled food and robust dishes, from meat (including goat of course) to poultry to seafood, and of course they're ideal for making authentic Creole and Haitian meals.

Haiti Is Hot! Hot Sauces are sold in Haiti under the name "Nap Boule!", which in Creole means "we are on fire!" When you purchase these hot sauces, you help the rebuilding efforts that are ongoing in Haiti: Bel Soley (which means "beautiful sun") is actively involved at the community level to foster local economic development, entrepreneurship and empowerment coupled with the improvement and protection of Haiti's environment including reforestation efforts and financial assistance to small farms that want to implement organic methods and obtain organic certification. For this reason -- and also because these hot sauces taste great -- we are pleased to include the Haiti Is Hot! sauces in our Sauce for a Cause program. And for a limited time, you can purchase either or both flavors of Haiti is Hot! Sauce at a special discounted sale price when you order them from the Carolina Sauce Company.

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