Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Great Steak Sauce Sale!

An excellent steak sauce is one that will enhance the natural flavors of a good steak, bringing out the best in the meat without overwhelming your tastebuds. An excellent steak sauce will also elevate a lowly hamburger, and also complement meats other than beef, including venison and other game, bison or buffalo, certain pork cuts, and sometimes even poultry and wild fowl. If you've only tried the mass-produced steak sauces available at your grocery store, you'll be in for a real treat when you taste the following "craft" or "artisanal" (to borrow two foodie terms - or just call them gourmet) steak sauces, made in small batches with the finest ingredients and utmost care -- and all currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company online store! I've categorized them into 3 basic classifications, for your convenience:

1. Traditional Steak Sauces: Featuring bold, earthy flavors from Worcestershire sauce, a pleasant tang from tamarind and just the right amount of sweetness to balance those robust flavors, these two Burning Asphalt Steak Sauces from upstate NY are similar to what you'd find in a fine restaurant, or make at home yourself if you had the time and the culinary background. Don't be frightened off by the name: The phrase "Burning Asphalt" refers to their creator's love of auto racing, and not to the heat level of these steak sauces! The Homestyle Steak Sauce is complex enough to please the most sophisticated palate with notes of red wine vinegar and zesty horseradish, but food-friendly and approachable enough to charm the whole family. For elegant flair, add it to gravy or pour on a roast beef sandwich. The Sweet Pepper Steak & Dipping Sauce is the playful sibling of the Homestyle sauce, with a hint of peppery heat and a sunny sweetness from a touch of fruit. In addition to dressing up a steak, you can use it as a glaze, marinade, and finishing sauce for ribs, chicken and kabobs (including veggie kabobs). Kids who don't mind a bit of spice absolutely love dipping fries and chicken fingers in this sauce!

2. Hot & Spicy Steak Sauce: If you love fiery foods and enjoy finding the right hot sauce for every meal, Melinda's Habanero Steak Sauce is what you need for steak, burgers and other red meat. Made with all-natural traditional steak sauce ingredients plus molasses (not corn syrup) for earthy sweetness, this hot steak sauce features a hefty dose of habanero peppers, making it a favorite of chiliheads who also love good food. Make no mistake, Melinda's Habanero Steak Sauce is not for the faint of heart or delicate of tongue - but if you are a hot sauce fanatic, this is the steak sauce for you. Plus it's also wonderful on grilled salmon or tuna steaks, too!

3. Tropical Steak Sauces: These two versatile steak sauces come to us from the Caribbean, where they're considered all-purpose table sauces rather than simply steak sauces -- and both are under $4 while on sale! Pickapeppa Brown Sauce is perhaps the best known and most loved sauce from the venerable old Pickapeppa company of Jamaica. This is NOT a jerk sauce, but rather a rich and complex savory sauce made with all-natural ingredients including tomatoes, cane vinegar, raisins, mangoes and Caribbean spices, and barrel-aged for over a year for added depth of flavor. There's just a touch of peppery spice without burning your mouth, making this sauce an ideal choice for family meals, cookouts with friends, and even for breakfast foods. Marie Sharp's Exotic Sauce is exotically delicious and all-natural. Made with green mangoes and tamarinds for a healthy tang, raisins and sugar for a sweet counterpoint, and zippy ginger plus a dash of habanero peppers for a zesty kick, this is truly an all-purpose sauce. Fabulous with steak and other meats, it's also excellent on pretty much all sorts of grilled food from poultry to seafood to veggies. You can also add it to ground meat for meatloaf, burgers, sloppy joes and other recipes.

I hope I've enticed you into broadening your steak sauce horizons and trying one or more of these full-flavored gourmet steak sauces, especially while they're on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company!

Zestfully yours,

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