Monday, September 20, 2010

Getting Creative with Crabanero Hot Sauce

Crabanero Hot Sauce is the original Bay-flavored hot sauce, developed specifically for splashing on all sorts of seafood including crabs, steamed or raw oysters, shrimp, fish, etc., and for adding authentic Chesapeake Bay flavor with fiery heat to seafood boils, stews, and the like. But this tasty hot sauce is surprisingly versatile and fun to play with in the kitchen. Here are five creative ways to enjoy the peppery fire and Bay seasoning flavor of Crabanero:

*Use in place of ordinary hot sauce when making Buffalo style chicken wings at home, for what I like to call Chesapeake Hot Wings

*Add a splash or two to hush puppy batter and you'll have the perfect side dish for fried seafood

*Spice up everyday cocktail sauce with Crabanero to zip up your shrimp cocktail -- Crabanero is also good when added to regular ketchup for dipping onion rings & fries (consider this two tips in one!)

*Shake a couple of dashes into your Bloody Mary instead of your usual hot pepper sauce and/or Worcestershire

*Stir some Crabanero into cole slaw for added zest, especially when served with fried food like chicken, catfish and more

Now's the time to stock up on Crabanero Hot Sauce, too, because it's currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company!

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