Friday, September 24, 2010

Vick's Flaming Pig Hot Grillin' Sauce is Back!

After a too-long absence from our warehouse, I'm happy to announce that we FINALLY have the award-winning Vick's Flaming Pig Hot Grillin' Sauce back in stock! This spicy-hot North Carolina barbecue & grilling sauce is a favorite of folks who like some kick in their food -- and Vick's Hot Grilling Sauce provides just that, thanks to the judicious use of cayenne, red and black pepper plus some horseradish to boot. The sauce base is tangy from vinegar and mustard, with just the right amount of earthy sweetness from brown sugar and molasses. There's just a hint of smoke, too, which adds a nice depth to the overall flavor.

Vick's Hot Grilling Sauce is excellent for marinating, basting, mopping, dipping and pouring on everything from pork -- including Carolina pulled pork -- and beef to chicken, hearty veggies like portobello mushrooms or zucchini, and even grilled tuna or shrimp. Some folks use it as a spicy salad dressing or their "secret ingredient" in spicy coleslaw, hamburgers (add to the raw ground beef) and baked beans. And of course it's also a good sauce to use with venison and other game meats.

We hope to be able to keep Vick's Hot Grillin' Sauce in stock through the end of the year, but given what's happened in the past we can't make any promises. So if you've been waiting for this zesty BBQ sauce to arrive, or have been looking to try a new hot & spicy BBQ sauce, make sure to order it now while we definitely have it in stock!

Zestfully yours,

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